Synthstrom Deluge 2.0 Firmware Now Available

Synthstrom Audible has released Deluge V2.0.0 firmware.

  • New features in the update include:
  • Song arranger mode
  • 30 – 50% or more improvement to CPU efficiency (i.e. more voices)
  • Around 30x more RAM available for working on a song
  • New analog-modelling synth engine features
  • Effect tails may now be heard even after a track finishes playing (including outside of the new arranger mode)
  • MIDI CC, pitch bend, and channel aftertouch recording, sequencing and output
  • MIDI note outputs within kits
  • Note velocity now defaults to that of last touched note (per track)

Here’s an intro to Deluge 2.0’s Song Arranger mode:

See the Synthstrom site for details.

6 thoughts on “Synthstrom Deluge 2.0 Firmware Now Available

    1. so what’s holding you back, seems like that would be an important answer and good info for others to contemplate?

      1. I was thinking eventually they would have to move to a version 2 which “might” incorporate a better (more information) screen with more I/Os. The current outputs for audio and MIDI is quite limited but that is to be expected of something this small and handy.

  1. The combination of shift, button presses, grid lay out, indistinguishable variations in shades and colour appears far from intuitive to me. Perhaps with practice, long term memory and full colour vision working with the Deluge becomes fun? Looks like hard work to me.

  2. Imagine an aircraft pilot in front of a panel full of RGB squares with little labels underneath. Would you fly such plane? But for some people it would probably be ok. You have to have some kinda of grid colored way of thinking…

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