New Plugin, Traveler, Models Doppler Effect

Tonsturm has introduced Traveler – a new plugin that’s designed to precisely model the acoustic phenomenon of the Doppler effect.

Traveler features a 2D path editor, allowing you to precisely shape the motion path of the sound source. You can also freely position the listener, in relation to the path, and the speed of the sound source.

The plugin also comes with an onboard loop and granular sample player. The granular sample player allows synchronized playback to the Doppler path. This makes it possible to playback the desired sound effect at different durations while keeping everything in sync.

Pricing and Availability

Traveler is available for macOS for US $179 (intro price, normally $229).

9 thoughts on “New Plugin, Traveler, Models Doppler Effect

  1. Is it just me or is music sofware getting increasingly more expensive while music hardware is getting cheaper?

  2. Take a look at all these features, it’s not your average $69 limiter/compressor, right? Then, sophisticated design comes at a price, doesn’t it?

  3. Well, it’s a sophisticated sound design tool, not your average $59 limiter/compressor. Forget the trailer and load some of your favorite samples in this thing, you can achieve amazing results in no time. It’ an incredible sound mangler.

  4. Price does seem a bit high for what it does. Should be $50, tops. There’s so much more out there these days which can do more for less than 179.

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