Roland Cloud Adds AAX Support For Pro Tools

Roland today announced that its Roland Cloud virtual instrument service now native AAX plug-in support for its entire catalog of virtual instruments for use with Avid Pro Tools.

The update brings virtual replicas of the Jupiter-8, Juno-106, SH-101, TR-808, TR-909 , System-8 and more to Pro Tools.

For details, see the Roland Cloud site.

9 thoughts on “Roland Cloud Adds AAX Support For Pro Tools

  1. Forced downloads (doesn’t ask, just does it) loads corrupted and end in an infinite loop of trying to install obsolete versions- had to disable/delete cloud manager. Shambles Roland….I hope no one was trying serious production work with your tools.

  2. I really wonder how many people are using cloud systems? For me I dont have internet in my studio and thats why I would never consider working with those plugins…

  3. I use the Roland “cloud” plugins. I think cloud is a strange name for them, because ultimately these ones are just local plugins that occasionally have to check credentials online (much better since the update reduced this frequency) – it’s not like the processing or data storage is online somewhere. I know they either have, or will have, some kind of online rendering thing whereby your track is uploaded, rendered by Roland in some amazing quality, and returned to you. That’s more like what I think of as “cloud”.

    CPU usage on my i7 5820k is ok with the updates they did (system-1 was the biggest problem one I had). I’m certainly happy with the quality of the emulation plugins, and now the interfaces scale properly they look and feel decent too. I don’t really use their sample-based ones much, but they do sound fine. The subscription fee is a major sticking point for many people, but I got used to it with Serum and my Spotify account. In theory I think I’ve nearly paid for a single plug-in if I want to stop subscribing, but yeah it would be nice to pay up-front for the ones you wanted as an option. But that would be a very large outlay up-front if you wanted all of them, or even half of them! Choice is always nice. At the moment your choice is subscribe or don’t have them, so a lot of people are missing out on some pretty great plugins.

  4. Mmmm, I like the plugins but I dont want to encourage the proliferation of the whole app rental pay-scheme. I think Ill pass.

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