Analog vs Digital With One Synth – The Medusa Hybrid Synthesizer

Polyend shared this demo of Medusa – their hybrid analog & digital synth, produced in collaboration with Dreadbox.

The video is a comparison of basic analog and digital voices functions of Medusa Hybrid Synthesizer.

The first clip is showing the three digital voices (wavetable morphing only on classic waves) and the second one is on three analog voices.

20 thoughts on “Analog vs Digital With One Synth – The Medusa Hybrid Synthesizer

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    1. One thing you have to admit about the Medusa: with all that snake action going on, the bitch be way, way ugly.

  2. Damn, that’s a tasty sequence. It reminds me of why synths first grabbed me. I can easily see someone laboring over the Medusa with a big grin, same as I had when I landed my first real workstation. Offering both an analog and a wavetable section is a wise move in recent synth design. They’re way more useful together. Sum of the parts & all that. I think this thing is going to get a lotta love.

  3. My only wish about the Medusa is I would love to be able to put the matrix sequencer below or at the right of the synths controls, because I’m better at playing with my right hand and tweaking with my left hand.

  4. Beautiful piece of hardware synth this seems to become. Man oh man, this one and that new Erebus V3. What a time we live in!

    1. i agree 🙁
      I still want one but maybe a SE version with it flipped – I may have to wait a year or 2
      Or learn too play with it up-side down…

  5. Reminds me of c64 sound. Looks pretty but for what it does, would prefer it to be way smaller.
    Too bad the demo is made in edm producers in mind

    1. “Too bad the demo is made in edm producers in mind”


      Other types of musicians are smart enough to figure out how they would use a device in their music.

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