12 thoughts on “DIY Flamethrowing Synth Module

  1. Is that an Alesis 1622 in the corner in a safe zone? Mine is still going strong, in its calm ambient environment 😉
    Wonder what happens when he controls this module with a random source. The ultimate Whoosh …

  2. He’s awesome. Creative, builds stuff, and follows through ’till his project is complete. I don’t know of many people that can do that. He puts it all together in a video/story, does it in an entertaining/funny way, edits it, and then shares it with the rest of the world. He’s a creator and original. I like that. I struggle to understand how criticism has a place in this.

    1. I just don’t really like his attitude. I’m old and cynical though.

      He’s a bit “oh look what I did, it’s crazy or whatever, who even cares duh”

      The projects are fun but completely useless and impractical.

      And while you may not know anyone who completes projects, every boutique synth and euro module out there is made but someone who does. So there are plenty of industrious, intelligent people out there making useful synths

  3. This is what I’d call a real Artist. The “Art” in this case is the whole image that is conveyed. I bet he is a very smart, educated guy and the act he plays is just great. I prefer this over any hipster-eurorack-outdoor-ambient artist.

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