IK Multimedia UNO Synthesizer Now Available For $199

IK Multimedia has announced the availability of their first hardware synthesizer, the UNO Synth.

The UNO Synth is a portable monophonic synthesizer that combines a dual-VCO analog synth engine with effects, deep sequencing capabilities and a $199 price.

Official Intro Video:

Here’s an overview from Superbooth 2018, from synthesist and synth designer Erik Norlander:

While the UNO is portable and can be battery-powered, it packs a powerful analog synth engine:

  • All-analog audio path with 2 VCOs, noise generator, resonant multimode VCF and VCA
  • 2 independent VCOs with Saw, Triangle, Pulse waveforms with continuously variable shape including PWM of the square wave plus a separate white noise generator
  • A 2-pole OTA-based analog resonant sweepable multimode filter with LPF, HPF and BPF
  • Custom-designed, dual-stage overdrive that provides filter input overdrive for classic synth saturation tone, from subtle warming to aggressive distortion
  • LFO with Sine, Triangle, Square, Up Saw, Down Saw, Random and Sample-and-Hold to modulate Pitch, Filter, Amp and continuous oscillator wave shapes including PWM



  • All-analog audio path with 2 VCOs with continuously variable waveshape, noise generator, resonant multimode VCF and VCA
  • 2 independent analog VCOs with Saw, Triangle and Pulse waveforms with continuously variable shape including PWM of the square wave and a separate white noise generator
  • A 2-pole multimode OTA-based sweepable analog resonant multimode filter with LPF, HPF, BPF
  • LFO with Sine, Triangle, Square, Up Saw, Down Saw, Random and Sample-and-Hold to modulate Pitch, Filter and Amp
  • AD (Filter) + AR (Amp) envelopes (full ADSR control available via MIDI CC or software editor)
  • 40 onboard controls and LED display
  • 100 onboard presets
  • 10 mode, 4-octave arpeggiator
  • Real-time and step edit 16-step sequencer with 20 automatable parameters
  • Onboard multi-touch 27-note chromatic and scale keyboard with 13 scales
  • Sync Delay audio effect and 5 performance effects
  • Self-tuning with auto-tune calibration
  • USB MIDI and 2.5 mm jack MIDI IN/OUT (cables included)
  • Audio In to daisy chain other audio devices with no need for a mixer
  • Mac/PC/iOS Editor/librarian (release date August 2018)
  • Complete MIDI implementation with all parameters and clock can be controlled via MIDI CC
  • Battery (4xAA) or USB powered
  • Ultra-portable and lightweight
  • Designed and made in Italy

Audio Demos:

IK Multimedia shared these tutorials on getting started with the UNO Synth:

Pricing and Availability:

The UNO Synth is available now for US $199/€199.99 (plus taxes, where applicable.)

66 thoughts on “IK Multimedia UNO Synthesizer Now Available For $199

    1. Nope, It has to be the blandest sounding VCO synth I have ever heard. You can get a used Korg Monologue for the same price and I would highly reccomend it over this.

          1. And not to forget about that other guy who complains about everything that does not have a screen, on every articles about synths without screens.

  1. Glad to see that this is finally available!

    This has an amazing set of features for the price. For $40 bucks more than a Volca, you get something with way better hardware, a much more professional synth engine, a sequencer with P-Locks, the option of using a software patch editor.

    And, listening to the audio demos, this should be a great baseline and lead synth.

  2. I actually have one, it sounds great through real speakers (and I have an ARP, Prophet 8, Mother 32, A4 etc to compare it to), it realy makes me laugh listening to peoples opinions based a compressed clip probably hard on a phone or laptop speaker! It is a well designed (check the designer!) and well executed portable 2 osc synth, the filter is very nice indeed…Well Done IK, I await the follow up same form factor drum machine we all know is coming 😉

    1. We use the phrase true analog in the context of this being our first analog synth and thus something that might not be expected from IK. People are typically very aware that we create many virtual analog / analog-modeled type of software products. We do feel we need to point out that UNO Synth is a true analog synthesizer, our first, and make sure people do not skim over and think we’ve released something that is already part of our known œuvre.

      1. Your “true analog” synth uses analog-to-digital conversion to read the knobs and digital-to-analog converters to generate cv signals for the oscillators, filter and vca. “True Analog” is a term that should be reserved for instruments like the Minimoog or SEM that have completely analog controls and signal path with CV/gate input.

        That said, this is a cool little synth for $199.

          1. Don’t spend effort arguing with fools — there are people who still refuse to believe that the Earth is round and revolves around the Sun. I’m almost certain analog purists are among their ranks.

        1. Admin: Personal attack deleted.

          Keep comments on topic and constructive.

          Also, you or someone that shares your IP address is using multiple user names to comment on Synthtopia, which leads to your comments being flagged as spam. Using a consistent user name will help avoid this.

        2. Frodo

          Based on your definition, most classic analog synths would not be true analogs.

          In my book and most people’s, the Prophet 5 is a true analog. But it has patch memory, encoders, etc.

          IK is referring to the signal path and that seems pretty reasonable.

        3. My Oberheim OBX-A has a 100% analog signal path but uses an 8bit processor ( a z80 iirc) for patch storage and maybe some other things. Does that mean my OB isn’t a true analog?

  3. Too sad it does not have sync and fm – two things, that most virtual analogue / VSTs can’t reproduce correctly.
    It also lacks encoders, which would be necessary in combinations with a mod matrix/presets , instead of potentiometers.

    1. “It also lacks encoders, which would be necessary in combinations with a mod matrix/presets , instead of potentiometers”

      Necessary? No. Preferable? Yes.

      1. They not even say if the pots “grab” the values or “jump”. If it’s the latter, the parameter matrix (sorry, not meant mod matrix) is unusable.

    2. This is a ‘real’ analog synth, not a ‘virtual emulation’ (pretend or simulated analog)…ridiculous to compare features, you can have unlimited oscillators in software, but it isn’t the same as a real VCO…Sync and FM? Moog Model D was so limited (The UNO has more waveforms, more modulation, sequencer etc) but it seemed to do OK in some peoples hands….

      1. You did not get what I mean. Modern virtual synths sound so close to analogue, for “bread and butter” sounds I don’t need a real analogue synth. Real analogue’s strengths is, where it’s coming to modulation in the audio range; FM, Sync, Ring Mod – this is where virtual synths/plugins fail. So this is what would have made the UNO stand out.
        And then they did not even make the audio in go thru the filter……

    1. The LED display can convey the necessary data for typical use of UNO Synth and is in line with other similar synth products in this price point (though overall with all features taken into consideration there’s quite a lot for $199.99 of course).

      1. Doesn’t it have an editor that connects to a computer or your phone? I can’t think of a synth I have that I really care about the display other than the op1 and even then it doesn’t really matter. My violin doesn’t have a screen or the skulpt I pre-ordered from modal. For 199$ you get an analog synth that runs on batteries with a convenient phone editor with a cool little keypad, and parameter locks like elektron products. I’m not sure what’s not to like or troll about, my girlfriend’s stupid gym shoes she likes cost more and will need to be replaced while all us synth guys will be laughing because our stuff can last decades. I wish it was like this when I was a kid, we’re in the golden age of music gear. Enjoy it while it lasts and go make some good music

        1. as far as the skulpt – it looks really cool but at least in the US (not sure where you are) conversions work out to closer to $300 and I am not sure if it will be 25% more (or more) because of trump’s stupid taxes by the time the campaign is over so I decided to wait til there is a full release to see what the real price is, it looks nice though. I did just order the uno though too.

  4. I ordered one today. I have some mild concerns (sound quality; button response/durability; ease-of-use), but the depth of features and especially the connectivity (DIN MIDI adapter; iOS editor coming soon) is really pretty impressive at $200. It’s also battery powered, seems to have decent sequencing abilities, and stores presets. I like the Volca series quite a bit, but none of them have features as comprehensive as this does. Excited to check it out.

    1. I just ordered one too – the live playing, features of it, and battery power rule- I am looking forward to pairing it with a circuit, jp08 and a couple of other pieces in a battery powered rig (now if 1.17 would just come out already for the circuit!).

        1. no, what I have been doing is using a rechargeable bluetooth speaker (one of the ankers that has a sub)- the one hitch I have right now though is the mixer – I am using a loop that requires a PS – I have heard ppl have been able to convert the adapter to USB so you can use a power bank but haven’t done it yet. If I see any cheap options that have the same 3.5mm inputs though I’ll probably grab one and keep the loop as a desktop pre-mixer for 3.5mm.

      1. Isn’t the circuit update you’re referring to about 3 articles below this one on the homepage? Today is Christmas in July for you.

        1. woo hoo missed that – I have been checking the components page every day since they previewed it- want those note ties and pattern chaining

  5. I think, because of this unit’s audio in/thru, using this with something like a PO-32 would be cool… Except for lack of sync… But hitting a start button in time shouldn’t prove to be too physically challenging for most people.

    1. “But hitting a start button in time shouldn’t prove to be too physically challenging for most people.”

      One word: drift.

      You’ll realistically have to hit the start button in-time every 8-16 bars to keep things from straying too far. Never met 2 pieces of gear that stayed independently synced for long.

  6. To prevent any confusion with the UNO Synth’s ability to sync. The audio in/out will not sync, but this will offer 3 different MIDI sync modes. One will be (INT) for internal clock, the second will be (EXT) external to allow the UNO to sync to anything connected to the MIDI-DIN Input, and lastly a (USB) USB sync option for use with anything connected via the Micro-USB port.

  7. I think people will be pleasantly surprised when they give this a try.

    I tried the Uno out at Superbooth, where they had decent monitors and headphones, and this sounded easily on a par with my Pro-One.

    Also, Norlander was shredding the prog leads on it and sounded great, if you’re into that!

    Anymore, the analog circuits in a synth are generally surface mount pcb’s assembled by robots, which are dirt cheap to make. This synth is more affordable than most analogs because they’re also using a capacitive touch panel, vs a bunch of pots and knobs that somebody would have to assemble and calibrate.

    The only downside I saw was that it’s not a one knob per function synth. But that’s the trade off to get the price as cheap as it is.

    1. Just a side note (I think my previous reply was eaten by the system or something). We don’t farm the work out to factories overseas, the robots – or really machines, let’s not let them become sentient quite yet! – are owned and operated by IK in IK facilities in our home city of Modena, Italy.

      This would not be a cost-cutting measure as these robo… I mean machines are not inexpensive, of course. But we’ve invested in this kind of technology steadily and have been creating many products proudly designed and manufactured in Italy by IK. Over the long haul this is a good investment (as is the investment into the talent required to design and produce products like UNO Synth) and we also have the mobile audio accessory track record that helps us continue to be able to make new products like this.

      And people sometimes get a bit critical of the mobile music product lines (not just toward IK) but without that we wouldn’t have been able to make products like UNO Synth and others happen quickly and at quite low prices.

  8. can you program patch changes per step in the sequencer? I guess circuitmono does this….also 80 editable presets is not really enough…Oh, and I should get mine in a few days, Excited to add it to my live sets.

    1. I think you can sequence any set of parameters per step, like p-locks, vs patch per step.

      At least that’s what I remember from Superbooth.

      Hopefully the IK person can confirm or clarify that.

      I don’t think it had trig conditions, but does any synth in this price range?

  9. It’s amazing how much synth you get for your money these days!

    I grew up in the 80s, and I would’ve given a kidney for an analog synth back then.

    Unfortunately, I wasn’t smart enough to buy them up in the 90s, when they were cheap. Now I am old, and I have money, though, so I can have tons of synths! Lol

    1. I don’t think you can (yet) but you can switch manually from one preset to another (including patterns) fairly seamlessly so I recon in time it could be implemented (16 note patterns being quote limiting, 64 with P lock would make this a whole different beast….)

  10. Was going to get one but waited and then saw Modal Skulpt, think it was a great decision to wait… as always seems to be something new coming down the pipe a lot these days

    1. I went ahead and got this ahead of the skulpt – skulpt is more expensive and only on kickstarter right now. I do want to get one but I am waiting till after the campaign to see a distributor price – doing the kickstarter thing with a foreign product (for the us) is annoying because you have no idea what the actual price will be till the end of the campaign and conversion rate and tariffs can change by the time the end of the campaign happens

  11. Every patch has the same gnarly sound … at least it seems to have its own sound … but it is a muffled one.
    Also a synth that minimalistic rly could have a “one knob per functoin” interface.
    sry this feels boring … 😐

    want a cheap synth that sounds good is still: get the volca of your tastes!

    1. ….Speaking as someone who actually has an UNO, a Monotribe and a Volca Keys and Bass, the UNO sounds far better to me and is far more controllable, programable and interesting. I actually prefer the sounds I am getting to my Korg ARP…..
      Knobs are minimal but usable in the matrix form, but it realy comes to life with supurb midi cc control over everything, even velocity to amp and filter etc…

  12. mini jack to midi adapters again… = NOPE no doing it…you just stopped any thought of buying it.
    what is wrong with manufactures these days?…only Roland and behringer seem to actually use proper midi connections.
    novation = nope
    arturia = nope
    korg = nope
    yamaha = nope

    and…they are ALL different designs..you can’t use a arturia in a korg or a yamaha in a novation….idiots!

    1. arturia and novation have the same standard, like you can directly plug a 3.5mm between a circuit and beatstep, the e2 has a different polarity but same signal. – hoping this is the same as the circuit but will find out when it gets here.

  13. Do you ever read some of the kind of comments and reactions that are posted here and think “Am I REALLY a part of the “synth” community? Sometimes the lack of knowledge, presumption and totally blind ignorance is astounding. So many people that are slagging this synth off will be the same ones singing the glories of the 303… simply because THAT is a “classic”… they know this because they’ve been told it…..or read it…. maybe some of them have actually HEARD one…. but I think we can safely say that most of them have never actually been on the same room as one… but what they DO know is that this synth is crap…. they’ve heard a youtube clip and now know all they need to know…. “it’s shit…. I have at least 6 months of experience in this field and I’ll make my knowledgable opinions known”

    Oh the wonders of the internet.

    I’m sorry Mr IK Multimedia…. For those that know…. For the money this is fantastic. Well done.

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