Novation Circuit 1.7 Update Now Available – Here’s What’s New

Novation has released firmware 1.7 for the Circuit 1.7, an update that brings introduces song sequencing capabilities, tied notes and new micro-timing sequencing options.

Here’s what’s new in Novation Circuit 1.7:

  • Make songs – the Patterns view now allows you to now make complex sequences of patterns and pattern chains. There’s a new Pattern Chain Sequence function, from which you can select up to 32 patterns and 16 chains of patterns, in any order. You can repeat patterns and chains and build up your sequence, navigating easily between sequences. Toggle the append setting to add patterns and chains to an existing pattern sequence, even when playing.
  • Create Tied/Drone Notes – Each step now has a tie-forward setting, so it’s now possible to tie notes together in order to create drone notes and long ambient pads.
  • New Microtiming Option – It’s now possible to take your music off the grid by delaying notes on a step from one to five ticks (each step is divided up into six ticks). It’s also possible to use Synth Micro-nudge to create new, more complex rhythms like triplets across the beat.

Here’s an overview of what’s new in Circuit 1.7 from Novation’s Chris Calcutt at Superbooth 2018:

The update is free via the Novation Components site. (Using the Chrome browser is recommended.)

6 thoughts on “Novation Circuit 1.7 Update Now Available – Here’s What’s New

  1. I love how Novation has had update after update after update for the Circuit, expanding its capabilities way beyond what it could originally do.

    The thing I’d love to see though is a version of the Circuit for iPad that is actually a software version of the Circuit, but also a patch editor and sample editor. It seems like this would be possible, because Novation has already released Launchpad for the iPad, and there are tons of soft synths and patch editor.

    Even if they just made a dedicated touchscreen patch editor, sample editor and manager for the Circuit, it would be awesome because it would give you the benefits of both worlds – the immediacy and portability of the Circuit, but also the option to go deep when you want to.

    1. We’re on the same wavelength. I would love to see Novation put out a true iOS companion to Circuit. There are some third-party options out there, but they are fairly janky-looking.

      My dream would be something that doesn’t duplicate anything on the Circuit, but serves as sort of a smart display or extension of the Circuit hardware, in the same way as Teenage Engineering has been teasing for years about the OP-Z.

      That’s really the future of hardware synthesis, in my opinion: Standalone devices that become more powerful when you pair them with a phone or tablet.

      1. I could go for that.

        It makes sense to me to leverage the iPad – since it’s just a great piece of indestructible hardware that already exists – and use it to complement what you do with your hardware synths.

        I suspect that they could do more and actually port the Circuit over to the iPad, but they might think that would cannabalize sales.

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