Jackalope 2.0 Puts A Tuning Fork Into Your Modular

Developer Simeon Smith let us know that he’s introduced version 2 of the Jackalope, a Eurorack tuning fork module.

Here’s what’s new with Jackalope 2.0:

  • The original Jackalope featured a “C” tuning fork, and people requested that this second batch featured an “A / 440” tuning fork. If you own the original, this opens the door to electroacoustic tuning fork minor thirds in your modular.
  • The updated module will also feature an improved panel.

Here’s a demo of the original Jackalope:


  • Tuning Fork (A / 440) bolted to module front using stainless steel shaft collar.
  • Passive Piezo Tranducer attached to jack output – best used with a preamp module, or mixer.
  • 4hp aluminum panel.
  • Hand assembled.
  • Artwork by Illustrator Cath Delli-Bovi
  • Includes mounting screws and artwork stickers.

Pricing and Availability

The Jackalope 2.0 is available to pre-order for £64.00.

6 thoughts on “Jackalope 2.0 Puts A Tuning Fork Into Your Modular

  1. LOL 8!?

    That is just so funny to me to do such a small production run – makes me want to get one even though i don’t have a euro…

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