Dorian Concept Face-Melting Minisynth Jam

Dorian Concept (Oliver Thomas Johnson) shared this live performance of J Buyers, from his upcoming album The Nature of Imitation.

The performance features creative use of two minisynths – the Yamaha CS-01 & the Yamaha Reface CS; a Roland SH-101; a BOSS Loop Station; & an Arturia Beatstep.

The album is scheduled to be released on August 3, 2018.

via Dave Makoun

19 thoughts on “Dorian Concept Face-Melting Minisynth Jam

  1. Yawn. Boring one minute or so wankfest.
    Sorry JMO, but would never listen to crap like this beyond the time I just wasted here.

    1. It’s silly, content free condescending remarks like these, which always tell much more about the person commenting, than about what they comment on. 😉

    2. @alacazam: Although not my style at all, Dorian Concept is certainly a great performer and artist. Look at his Roland JD-Xi demo. He is a master at putting a huge amount of performance and compositional information in a very small section of track time. Would never consider this as time wasted, although would not re-re-rewatch it like I would some other videos.

  2. Dorian Concept always come up with the coolest keyboard riff ! And it’s so nice to hear unquantized electronic music. More of that on Synthtopia please !

  3. wow that’s a lot of notes per minute. i don’t know what substances he’s on, but he should switch to purple and green. and maybe try those knobs labeled filter and envelope sometime.

  4. While I personally don’t enjoy loop based jams that much, I do very much respect the skills.

    The sounds are fine. I like the use of effects.

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