Oddball Is Like A Cross Between A Tennis Ball, A Drum Machine & A MIDI Controller


Oddball Studios has introduced the Oddball – a new music gadget that’s part tennis ball, part drum machine and part MIDI controller.

The developers position the Oddball primarily as mainstream music toy. The ball pairs wirelessly with a mobile app. The combination lets you make beats by bouncing, striking or squeezing the ball.

But the Oddball at its core is a velocity-sensitive Bluetooth MIDI controller. So you can connect it to your DAW and use it to play or control just about any music software that you like.

Here’s a brief look at using the Oddball as a MIDI controller:

Pricing and Availability

The Oddball is being produced via a Kickstarter campaign and is available to backers for £59 (about US $77). The project has already reached its funding goal.

4 thoughts on “Oddball Is Like A Cross Between A Tennis Ball, A Drum Machine & A MIDI Controller

  1. Fun toy. Kidz will like this.

    Not as fun as playing drums, but couldn’t be more portable. You have to be careful not to have it go up on a roof or bounce into old man stub’s yard.

    (Nah, I’d be cool. I’d give it back, after I finished chewing on it for a while.) 😀

  2. you could use this with the zoom arq to do one of those dancing-while-making-music-because-one-art-form-is-just-not-enough-to-contain-my-fascinating-depths youtube videos and then i will never watch it

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