18 thoughts on “Progressive House With The Behringer D Synthesizer

  1. Nice video, takes a lot of effort to do this.
    The only critique I have is that the life has been completely sucked out of the song, to the point where the air pressure to my ears is irritating. It is very artificial and compressed in a way that my ears are like WTF. Totally just my opinion only but I wonder if anyone else felt this way.

    1. I believe what might give that impression is that this person doesnt use arpegiators or sequencers, but you can see him play with deadly precision.It makes a very “uncanny valley” type of feeling. It’s quite good.

    2. I totally agree. I couldn’t get through the whole thing once the side chain kicked in. It’s the musical equivalent of being out in the middle of the ocean and continuously bobbing up and down in the water. But like you said, that’s just our opinion.

  2. *But like you said, that’s just our opinion.*

    It’s OK just to call it like it is. It is awful. Over-processed and lifeless.

    1. .. I was was trying to be diplomatic but what you wrote is probably better. However, I’m not adverse to compression or limiting or getting a track’s average level up as high as you can, but in this case it is so overcooked and unnatural that the sound pressure to my ears was just wrong.. my ears were irritated. Not unlike the feeling you get when a track has bad phase effects or you’re listening to a song processed with one of those 3D sound crosstalk cancellation algorithms.

  3. The synth work sounds great. Great use of the Model D.

    It reminded me of the Tranceport days.

    The less than subtle use of compression is genre specific.
    Progressive House doesn’t sounds like progressive house without this type of compression

  4. Music is subjective, and opinions are just that.

    But IMHO, I have heard this stuff a bazillion times, oh wow open a filter on a repeated motif …snooze. Pretty much the same old boring genre specific drums, super basic progression, the fat bass hits.

    JMO, but my ears are so numb to this stuff. It’s 2018 and it’s still so often the same cliched genre synth music over and over. People are obviously free to create and listen to anything they want but just speaking for myself, meh, boring, but I can definitely give credit for actually playing the parts.
    Again just my opinion.

    PS from another post – um from what I read it was called Moogseum or whatever, not the Pioneers of Electronic Music Museum so yeah the FOCUS is primarily on Bob and his contributions. How fucking complicated is that to understand?

    1. Perhaps our kids these days need more exposure to Jazz and classical. We need more Chick Corea’s, Jan Hammer’s, Rick Wakeman’s, and Kieth Emerson’s. Back in my youth we didn’t have all these wunder synths, sequencers, and computers, so you typically started out with classical piano lessons .. learned theory, scales, etc., then progressed to Jazz piano, then branched out from there into prog rock, jazz fusion, etc. Today its just too easy to fall into the role of ‘producer’ with all this technology and neglect the fine art of ‘chops’, and thus we hear a lot of the same ol same ol. Just a thought from an old guy with very mediocre chops.

  5. I am really greatful for this video. any time i see a video with “authentic analog synths called moog” it is usually a dude playing some generic funk line with fart bass sound and a saw lead with portamento… so boring… this is way different, something modern and exciting to me. i think the people above aren’t using their imagination. to me the song gave me an image or a movie in my mind of traveling and a sense of anticipation. it is a very traveling at night type song to me. great work and i loved it. plenty of life in this track.

  6. Say what you like, I think the tune and production are excellent. Maybe it’s a bit over-compressed, but it sounds really nice cranked on a good system.

    The harmonies, countermelodies and polyrhythmic arpeggios tells me the artist put some love into this. The long bass notes add drama where it’s needed. And the Model D sounds just great. There is a lot more musical intelligence in this track than many others in this genre.

    If somebody else put this track on and I had never heard it before, I’d think it was Jean-Michel Jarre. It made me smile.

    And … I’m no fanboy but Behringer is just killing it right now. I quite like my Model D, I’ve used it on a few tracks, and I’m just about to fire up my Neutron for the first time. I’m pretty sure I’ll buy every $299 synth they make in this form factor.

  7. This is a great piece of music using what is obviously a good synthesizer.Behringer for all their criticism are this generations Roland and have pushed overpriced synth to the side .The only daft solution is memories from this synth.I am a 51 year old and a person turned onto synth music in 77 by the track Magic Fly by Space. Then my mind was blown by Model 500s Interference EP in 88 when Detroit techno landed in Manchester.This accessible equipment by behringer/moog should hopefully fire up creativity for those with more sense than money. I am amused by the people who think they are producing sergeant peppers …rather than a techno track…keep it funky…not boring xx

  8. So if I ever mail in a synth jam to synthtopia, i now know to misuse some effect or botch some aspect of production, since the comments to these things are usually crickets.

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