Spektro Audio Intros ACDGEN, An Acid-Style Max For Live Pattern Generator

Spektro Audio has introduced ACDGEN, a Max for Live advanced pattern generator designed to create 16th note, acid-style basslines and melodies.

“I developed ACDGEN based on my own experience playing live sets for the past 3 years,” says developer Icaro Ferre. “It’s a really cool device and I believe it’ll be a useful tool for many musicians and electronic artists.”


  • Easy to use interface
  • 7 Modes / Algorithms
  • Automatic pattern variations
  • Non-destructive pattern manipulation
  • Pattern Shifter (four step sequencer for transposing the entire pattern)
  • Tweaks view for adjusting and influencing the different algorithms
  • Ability to export generated patterns as MIDI clips
  • Pattern Visualizer
  • Restore button for reverting to the previously generated pattern

Pricing and Availability

ACDGEN is available now for US $14.99.

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