touchAble Pro Gives You Wireless Control Of Ableton Live (Sneak Preview)

The developers of touchAble – an app that lets you control Ableton Live using mobile devices – shared this sneak preview of their upcoming touchAble Pro.

They say that touchAble Pro is a ground-up rewrite of the original, with a cleaner, more flexible interface, piano rolls, waveform views (including side-by-side), complete custom templates and layouts, and a more.

touchAble Pro will be available on iOS, Android and Windows.

It’s now in beta testing. If you’re interested in helping with the best testing process, contact them at beta at

7 thoughts on “touchAble Pro Gives You Wireless Control Of Ableton Live (Sneak Preview)

  1. Just jizzed. Use this currently on ipad and find it brilliant to mess about with at home. I also have a touchscreen monitor for my PC so having a credible touchy interface for Ableton will be brilliant.

    Dunno how it’ll work out for those being paid to entertain in a live capacity, ie its ‘pro’ capabilities, because my wireless connection has dropped loads of times. Connected via USB it’s solid enough, though, but is that missing the point?

    Deffo will buy it for the Windows to Ableton interface alone…can’t wait.

    1. Quick question, can you input midi notes live on drum rack? I’m thinking about getting rid of my push since I have an iPad Pro and this looks completely worth it and possibly more intuitive. I usually layer percussion on top of my DJ sets and was wondering if this was possible.

      1. Hi Tobias

        In a word “yes”, but you should deffo check out this video from Touchable…… in case I’m misunderstanding you slightly.

        I’ve owned and sold both versions of Ableton’s Push. Sold because I’ve wanted a new (audio) toy and I mostly always move things on to fund the next purchase. I regretted selling Push 2 because of the knobs and better screen and nearly re-bought it after having an OP1 and Digitakt for a bit, as I wanting to return to Ableton. Then I remembered the bits of Push I didn’t like, eg the pads and the 10 button combos when using extended PXT scripts from nativeKontrol, and decided instead to buy a touchscreen monitor for my PC, specifically to have the equivalent of a huge iPad controlling Ableton 10 directly. The sad truth is though I find it a bit fiddly and if I’m honest the mouse and keyboard are far easier if you’re trying to tap away at the existing Ableton not-designed-specifically-for-touchscreen-anyway-interface. Then I discovered Yeco and wasn’t that impressed…maybe I didn’t give it enough time??? Maybe I just thought it was a few layers thinner than Touchable, so returned to Touchable 3 via USB…(although Ableton 10 was a lot more stable via the Touchable wireless server, for some reason) and I can sit and noodle for hours a very happy man. I can also have my Novation Launch Control connected to give me the tactile element of the knobs I miss from the Push and I then have all I need.

        And now they announce a better version for IOS…AND A WINDOWS VERSION FOR MY TOUCHSCREEN MONITOR!!!! It’s an insta-buy for me for sure.

        Hope this answers your question, Tobias. Best of luck,


        1. Thank you so much. Now my next question is whether the iPad Pro and Touchable will be velocity sensitive. I can’t see this mentioned anywhere? I have both Maschine and Push 2 which is slight overkill since I’ve stopped using the Maschine software. I definitely want to get rid of both and either get a Digitak or Polyend’s Medusa. We shall see.

          All the best Davey,


          1. Hi Tobias, I have the first iPad Pro and it isn’t velocity sensitive and also thought the 2017 version wasn’t either?

            You can, however, assign velocity values manually, just like you can in Ableton, so there’s that.

            I loved my Digitakt and waited ages for my forward order, only for it to sit unused for long stretches, so sold it to get back most of what I paid for it. Really want an Octatrack Mk2 but want a new PC even more so holding off for a bit. Dataline from Elektron has a lot to answer for as he’s too good on those machines and is therefore a fantastic salesman lol!

            Let me know if there’s anything else you want to know, mate.


            1. Yeah, I did check to see if the iPad Pro had 3D Touch but unfortunately it doesn’t. I mean, no biggy really I guess.

              I had a Rytm MK1 AND. IT. WAS. ABSOLUTELY. AMAZING!! I sold it because I wanted the MKII but as always other bills come up and this sets you back.

              Thanks for you help.

              All the best,


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