Propellerhead Intros Free Reason Compact App For iOS

Propellerhead has introduced Reason Compact – a free mobile-friendly synth + sequencing app.

Reason Compact lets create sounds with Reason’s flagship Europa synthesizer and then create melodies and patterns using a smart keyboard, note grid and Chords tools. You can use it as a standalone app, connect it to other apps or even export your work and work with it in Reason 10.


  • Intuitive tools, including the Smart Keyboard and Chords tool
  • Arpeggiator
  • Note grid editor
  • Powerful synthesis capabilities from Europa synthesizer
  • 16 different types of waveforms
  • Use the Shape controls to morph waveforms and transform your sound
  • Unison effect
  • Distortion, delay, and reverb effects
  • Collaborate with others in real-time using Ableton Link
  • Connect Reason Compact with other music apps using Audiobus or Inter-app Audio
  • Create music with others via Allihoopa

Pricing and Availability

Reason Compact is available now as a free download. Some features are unlocked via in-app purchases.

27 thoughts on “Propellerhead Intros Free Reason Compact App For iOS

  1. Not an iOS user here but I am quite familiar with Reason and Europa. For FREE, that’s quite a deal and well worth a closer look.

    1. Not really. This ain’t reason and it ain’t really europa. It’s a very basic attempt to cash in on the ultra simple beat-making apps where revenue is generated with soundpack expansions. Needles to say this over-simplistic poorly named app hasn’t been well received.

      1. Why would you run an old OS for devs? I can see why someone might run an old OS for themselves.

        I mean, one might see a Jupiter-8 or The Great Pyramids as ‘old abandoned crud’ but one wouldn’t.

        1. On the contrary Will, many developers (small time- ie not always in the same league as Propellerheads, but at the same time still as good, and even in many cases, better) are still developing their apps so they will work on devices pre-iOS 11. This is perhaps because there are an awful lot of iPad’s/Phones out there which are still perfectly serviceable and will work just fine. Steinberg for example are one such company as Cubasis will still work on pre-iOS11 devices. And well too. Just because ‘it’s old’ it don’t mean ‘it’s broke’. The same applies for apps- Jasuto for example, finally got an update only the other day, after 4 years of developer silence.

  2. Free doesn’t mean free in the mobile market. They for sure are monetizing sounds but im pretty sure they will be monitoring other features and have a strong paywall somewhere, like the amount of tracks or export capabilities. Its usually a god idea to use pay apps like the Moog Model 15 or the Waldorf Nave which is amazing. Once you start seeing how much things cost, you just stop using the app out of spite.

    And Europa has a free web version I believe.

    1. Sometimes “free” in the mobile market means “demo”, which by Apple rules is the only way to demo software. Though, to be fair, I’ve bought some apps that didn’t work for me, and got refunds as easily as I could want.

      I prefer the “unlock features- IAP” model to the subscription model any day.

      If I ask the question: “What’s so special about Reason Compact?” at least now I can find out for myself and not have to pay— yet.

      All that said, you are 100% right.

  3. Why is the Reason Compact IOS App 2/3 Demo? I don’t see anywhere on the App or on their website where you can find info on how to unlock/or un-demo those parts of the App. Am I missing something.

    1. I was just guessing/predicting that at some point, there’ll be added features that will get unlocked via IAP with a paid version. I could be wrong though.

  4. Seems pretty incomplete to me right now. And too similar to Groovebox, which is already a fully realized piece of software. It may end up growing into something, but right now it’s not worth the memory footprint on my iPad.

    1. Have to agree, in its current form it is not worth the download bandwidth.
      Btw; It should be called Europa Compact rather than misleading Reason Compact to begin with.

  5. Been playing with envelope section. Wow. Been a Reason user since v1 and have the latest version on my Macs but haven’t used Europa much. But I am loving this synth. My understanding is I can load iPad Europa sounds I make into my Europa synth on my ‘puters? Much more fun for me to edit this on iPad anywhere I am and then transfer it later. Nice.

    Yeah the whole app kind of looks like Groovebox(which I also love and use everyday) so what? Hell, I am having a blast with this, just tweaking the envelopes. Yes you have to keep hitting the demo button…whatever. Have done about 30 loops just messing with the insane envelopes.

    As for the “free isn’t really free” goofiness, come on(seriously?). I downloaded the app for free and am using it for free so yeah um “free” at this point is actually really free lol.

      1. You do need to register Reason Compact. And when you create a new Propellerhead account in app, using only an email, you’ll receive a free copy of Reason 10 Lite, a limited but surprisingly well specified DAW that includes the full version of Europa. The license can be found under your new profile on the Propellerhead’s site. So if it’s possible for free to be even freer, this is it.

  6. Sounds pretty good to be honest.
    But I don’t get any option to purchase the extended features.
    I just get the “Demo” option and it says “unavailable” where I’d suppose I should be able to buy the full version.
    Maybe it’s a regional thing? Couldn’t find it in the Appstore either: had to install via iTunes

  7. It is a good attempt but I’m not impressed
    Best synth out there in my opinion is Synth one from audiokit
    Free and open source code as well!

  8. Reason Compact? Really?
    This app has absolutely nothing in common with Reason.
    Only 1 very slimmed down crippled instrument and crappy interface have absolutely nothing in common with Reason.
    What a disappointment

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