Erica Synths’ Techno System Coming Sept 21 For 3990 EUR

Erica Synths today announced that their new Techno System, a collection of Eurorack modules designed for techno, will be available Sept 21st, priced at 3990 EUR.

The Techno System is a complete modular synth system that features a variety of modules tailored to creating techno, including drum modules, effects and a sequencer module.

We talked with Erica Synths head Girts Ozolins about the new system at Superbooth 2018, and got a sneak preview & demo, with special help from KODEK:

See the Erica Synths site for details.

18 thoughts on “Erica Synths’ Techno System Coming Sept 21 For 3990 EUR

  1. Where to begin.

    The stuff they’re cranking out on this machine is not “techno” by today’s standards. Manipulating filters and envelopes on a heavily distorted 303-style sequence is OK for about 10-15 minutes of a live 2-hour set, at most, and only when done by somebody REALLY skilled.

    Today’s techno generally has a more subtle, musical approach. It can be aggressive without being so busy. That random-esque, blippy stuff really hasn’t had much of a home on the dance floor in about 15-20 years. I know this because I actually happen to enjoy that “trade show acid” style, and I lament its passing.

    If I was designing a modular techno system I would include stuff that adds air and subtly fills space. Big reverb and delay goes a long way. A ring modulator would be useful to add sizzle to some drums, and maybe turn a silly 303 lead into a percolating metallic percussion jam with some rhythmic delays. Gotta have EQs / resonators too. Some extra oscillators and a comprehensive chord memory, or some sort of paraphony would be very helpful – perhaps an arpeggiator as well. Oh, and it will also need swing.

    Then we just need to work on the price. And find somebody new to demo it by playing actual viable techno that doesn’t sound like it’s from 1997.

    Good god Erica, do some market research.

    1. can only agree. this is essentially a drum machine with added bassline. for the price you can get several analog drum machines and 303 clones. including the e-licktronic offerings this is based on. and then you’d still have money left over to add the effects you mention plus gear for pads / atmosphere.

    2. I agree, actually. As much as I would like this system I would prefer to build one myself. For me, I would have the sequencer, bass drum, snare, cymbals, clap, hats, toms, drive, mixer and prefrebly the Moog Dfam as a bass alternative. What effects and eq’s would you recommend?? This could work really well with my TR8-S with it’s CV out’s.

      1. Plural is correct, because the comment is highlighting how it’s always kind of pointless to bitch about the sounds used in demos of samplers.

        Knowledgeable users are going to immediately load up their own stuff.

    1. I hope you’re kidding.
      Techno is basically still simple nowadays.
      Lots of the “mainstream” DJs/producers use impressively sterile drums with a little bit of dark atmosphere.

      Most of the people are just looking for something that is “heavy” and “kicks” the sound system a lot.
      Sorry, but I don’t see much creativity nor originality in the current techno hype happening here and there.
      It can be subtle sometimes, but well, most of the time, people enjoy basic drum lines.
      (Not saying it’s bad, just saying it’s not really more complicated than it was before).

  2. Superb, well put together, modular system with tons of variation and control. Was lucky enough to hear Erica Synths Techno System at this year’s Superbooth and was impressed with its industrial sounds and uncompromising rhythmic machine noises. It was one of the highlights of the show and I’m very pleased to see it finally on sale. The price is high but there are years of experimentation and techno delights waiting to be discovered in Erica Synth’s black magic box.

  3. I get that there are quite some modules in a neat case but 4000 is ridiculous. the whole Pico system was a lot cheaper than the single modules, but there’s almost no difference here. to be honest for that money you can build a really nice techno (& more!) system, that covers it all. from drums to bass to melodical stuff plus FX, modulation and sequencing.

  4. Ok, maybe they should not call it a techno system but I am fine with that 🙂
    And yes it is a lot of money…….like most of the eurorack stuff. I bet the case is at least 10% of the total amount.
    But apart from the nice drum and bass modules I have notice some cool stuff in there; overdrive, dual fx, mixers aaaand a badass drumsequencer!

  5. I don’t know, man. Seems like you could snag the whole dark (or potentially the grey) trinity from Elektron for less and end up with a more instrument. I don’t know. I guess I’m just not into modular and therefore not the target market for this.

  6. The price isn’t right, but in all honesty this is a setup good enough for anybody with skills or heart.
    Way too much money, but has potential for massive nut swinging.

  7. I ordered a ton of equipment from Erica Synths. Some of it didnt work. (VCF did, VCO’s didnt).. It cost me $60 to ship to US, FedEx told me it would cost $1000 to return the shipment. EricaSynths said even if they used their personal account it would cost $500.. beware ordering from Europe!!

    From now on I’m sticking to pre-manufactured American equipment. Warrantied and in the USA!!

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