Conductive Labs NDLR Sneak Preview

This video, via Genshi Media Group, offers a sneak preview of the Conductive Labs NDLR polyphonic arpeggiator.

The NDLR sits between your keyboard controller/sequencer and your synths, and can control up to eight MIDI synthesizers.

The NDLR is currently being developed via a Kickstarter project.

Here’s what they have to say about the video:

This is a quick demo video of the Conductive Labs NDLR during my beta testing of their pre-production unit.

The NDLR is a “Sequenced Arpeggiator” device that can be used with both software and hardware synths; shown here being used with 4 instances of U-HE Dark Zebra soft synth running in Ableton Live. (I added a drum track afterward for flavor.)

3 thoughts on “Conductive Labs NDLR Sneak Preview

  1. Looks like a nice MIDI controller center. The LFO add on is cool, too. I’ve been wondering what became of this project and I’m glad to see it has advanced to a beta stage. If they can keep the production street price around $215-$225, it should do very well.

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