Will This Be The Next Roland Boutique Synthesizer?

Studio Electronics – who collaborated with Roland on their recently released SE-02 synthesizer – today shared this peak inside their Code 8 analog synthesizer.

The Code 8 is a monster analog, available with 1, 2, 4 or 8 voice polyphony, and featuring two VCOs and dual filters, inspired by Oberheim and Moog designs.

Word on the street is that it could get the Boutique treatment:

vincewizz Please bring it to a wider audience like you did for the SE02 🙂

studioelectronics @vincewizz There’s a pretty good rumor that that’s happening.

There’s been no official announcement about this yet or what the polyphony of a Boutique version might be.

31 thoughts on “Will This Be The Next Roland Boutique Synthesizer?

    1. Do you want a Matrix-12 sized Boutique?… ba-HAHAHAHA… OF COURSE it will be microscopic… and it will be 4-voice… nothing more.

  1. Put the Roland SE-02 in a full size rackmount for an extra $100-$150 and I will buy it. Same for a poly please no more micro knobs. Tiny keys don’t even bother me but micro knobs – no thank you.

    Also if you go poly please do roland analog chorus.

    Studio electronics makes quality stuff! I have owned the ATC, se-1, se-1x, and omega 8. Cool guys!

    1. Just because the Code is 8 years old doesn’t mean that they can’t re-use the analog voice circuits in a new product. I suspect Studio Electronics reuses as much of each design (firmware, hardware) as possible.

        1. Hank – there’s mention of a ‘new Code-8’ in the article, so not sure where you got that. The whole point of the article is that SE is saying that the Code-8 may get turned into a new Boutique synth. If it does, it would probably be the four-voice model.

  2. Wow, that would be amazing!

    Too bad Roland keeps using this Boutique form factor though. The products are excellent but just a bit too small, with crappy connectivity.

    I’d much rather see modules in little skiffs like what Behringer has been doing. The Model D and Neutron (and forthcoming Pro-One) have a bit more space for controls, variable panel width, and Eurorack compatibility.

  3. I saw the Roland analogue they did. The knobs where so small I didn’t like it or certainly wouldnt buy it.
    Hope this is better.

  4. Stable, SMT, Analog, no ACB , Full MIDI Sysex memory, CC, MPE, not the crazy price level for the Code 8. Oh, wishful thinking.

  5. I don’t see how they could squeeze that monster into boutique format unless it is either a single voice version or all digital. If they do though, I hope it sounds a bit better than the rather sterile SE-02.

  6. oh my god, all of you complaining about the small knobs is insane. There are plenty of full size synths out there, if you have the $$$ to get them and the space to nerd out with them great but come on there are a lot of us who don’t and the Roland boutiques are just fine + you can have several boutiques and a full sized midi keyboard with stupid full sized knobs and map them and still save tons of money and space. Maybe if you’re all so pro that the small knobs really hamper your awesome style you could spend a few weeks and improve your finger control?

    1. When a panel is so cramped that it’s difficult to adjust one knob without accidentally nudging another, that’s a problem.

      The other things that are not so cool: power by USB adapter only (sometimes this can induce noise), annoying MIDI characteristics (like OUT doing double duty as THRU and you can’t turn it off), minijack audio outputs, too many hidden functions, useless bender/mod strips taking way too much panel space, not rackable or eurorackable.

      Boutiques are inexpensive little modules that sound great, but the form factor is unnecessarily limiting.

      1. if they are too small for you – don’t buy it. Buy something else. Roland understand their market for these devices, and you’re not it. Buy a System 8 – that’s what they want you to do.

        1. A System-8!? You must be kidding lol! System-8… don‘t even know what to say if you compare apples with oranges. Then we could aswell go for VSt + Midicontroller.

          1. Rallo, you make it sound like you think the Boutiques are true analog. We are talking ACB emulation here, and everyone is complaining about the size of the control panel. A System-8 is the big control panel version they are seeking.
            Roland aren’t about to release a true analog copy of anything.

              1. Thanks… yeah… but a single voice chip in a tiny space,albeit analog.

                The expectation here, seems to be that Roland would bend and wriggle to build 8-voice polyphonic (or more) discrete voice card synths and fit them into tiny packages for $500 to appease us…

                Are we still talking boutique or not?, because it sounds like everyone want them to take a punt on a $5000 specialist machine, which is already available. That’s the confusion here, I think.

                Why would Roland make a high end machine which is a reproduction of a machine which is a reproduction of an Oberheim and Moog or the like?? And who would buy it?

                I can see them either making a monophonic, analog unit, as per the SE-02… or an ACB 4-voice poly.. but not both.
                Or perhaps a System-1 or a System-8 Plug out is on the cards — who knows what the implication is.

                In some respects, it’s a real shame Roland didn’t make the SH-01a a monophonic, true analogue machine.. given the direction they have taken with Studio Electronics?

                Thanks for the input.

  7. Not all too long ago, SE made solutions to issues like minimoogs without MIDI, but the way hardware is made today, it’s not made to be modified without serious work. That box is like a pc case, I’m curious about that power supply. I think the prototyping department at SE is really innovative, every idea they have is a good one. There’s no chance for them to publicize every great idea.

  8. if SE can pull small poly off in analogue that would be really cool. and it will be analog. that’s what the collab is about!

    i didn’t like the form factor until i realized how many of these i want! then it made sense. also, its darn near impossible to take my show on a plane as a live electronic analog synth concert. botique would make this possible.

    the D50 boutique was a good idea. 990 would be too. i’m still impressed by the audio quality of my 880.

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