New Tool For Morphing Sound, Transformer

Digital Brain Instruments has introduced Transformer, a new tool for morphing sound and performing with samples.

Transformer is a standalone app that’s designed to transform your audio samples into new sounds, using a microphone, pre-recorded audio files or a virtual instrument. It works using convolution processing, and lets you add new layers of sound to your audio files.


  • Real-time audio processing.
  • Microphone, sample player and virtual instrument inputs.
  • Spectral Crossover.
  • Add plug-ins to modulation and carrier output signals.
  • XY Pad virtual mixing engine.
  • Master FX Rack.
  • Sample processing. Process & record files in one-click.
  • Input & Output routing to DAW or audio editor. Rewire.
  • MIDI Matrix. Control Transformer via your MIDI device.
  • Includes 1.2GB of samples.

See the Digital Brain site for details.

2 thoughts on “New Tool For Morphing Sound, Transformer

  1. Looks like a very well thought-out plug-in. Lots of power & flexibility. And this introduction seems to cover everything so deeply (in only 15 minutes) that a manual might not be needed.

    Looks very useful for sound designers who want this kind of spectral cross-pollinating process.

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