Synthesize: An Analog Love Story

Synthesize: An Analog Love Story is a short film about ‘our connection to living and breathing synthesizers’.

The film, by Matthew Edison, debuted at Knobcon 2018.


Synthesize is a fictional story about a Ukrainian musician who travels to Canada to meet the one repairman she believes can resurrect her beloved father’s synthesizer, a Polivoks.

This film is written for and created by synth lovers, featuring Jay Lemak (Toronto’s top synth repairman) and a soundtrack made with 98% analog synthesizers.

Written & Directed by Matthew Edison
Produced by Natalie Novak, Chris DePaul, Miles DePaul
Soundtrack by Peter Chapman
Featuring Jay Lemak & Lena Burmenko

7 thoughts on “Synthesize: An Analog Love Story

  1. Very, very nice. Pity the audio level is on the low side.
    A homage to people really loving and using their instruments for what they are. Lots of ‘awesome vintage’ stuff in the repair shop, but that’s not what counts. Love and use your instrument, whether old or new. Don’t collect them or have them collect dust.

  2. It’s funny how more powerful and interesting the powering down sound was to anything else in the soundtrack though. Anyway nice movie, the main musical theme though is perhaps a bit too familiar 🙂

  3. Outstanding! My grandfather would watch a movie on TV and name all of the cars that went by in it, right over the story. A lot of us are modern versions of that and would pay $20 just to sniff a real Polivoks. The best thing about this is that you need not be into synths to understand it completely. That’s what makes it 100% successful from every angle. Great work.

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