Polyend + Dreadbox Medussa Hands-On Demo

At Knobcon 2018, synth guru Marc Doty gave us a quick hands-on demo of the Polyend + Dreadbox Medusa synthesizer.

The Medusa is a deep synth that offers 3 analog and 3 digital oscillators, multiple filter types, extensive synthesis options and a built-in sequencer.

Doty is also creating a series of video tutorials for the Medusa:

Pricing and Availability

The Medusa is available now for US $1199. Details are available at the Dreadbox site.



4 thoughts on “Polyend + Dreadbox Medussa Hands-On Demo

  1. Are there official audio demos for this someplace?

    I get that this is a powerful synth with 6 oscillators and such, but all the demos I’ve heard so far have sounded pretty mundane.

    It seems like it should be a monster – but I’m not hearing it yet!

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