Behringer MS-101 Audio Preview (Roland SH-101 Clone)

Behringer has been sharing teasers of its planned Roland SH-101 clone, the Behringer MS-101, for over a year.

This short video demo, via bboytechreport, shows that it’s still in the works:

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Quick sequence on the #ms101 quickly going thru the waveforms

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Here’s another example, via Ken Flux Pierce:

Behringer previously released preliminary specs for three versions of the MS-101:

MS-101-BK, MS-101-GY, & MS-101-BU:

  • Monophonic synthesizer with 3340 analog oscillator
  • 32 semi-weighted full-size keys for great playability
  • Analog signal path based on VCO, VCF and VCA designs to recreate the classic sound performance
  • Oscillator with 4 simultaneously, mixable waveforms: saw, triangle, square/pwm and octave-divided square sub-oscillator
  • Resonant VCF can be modulated with ADSR, LFO, keyboard tracking and bender controller
  • 6 FM sources
  • ADSR envelope generator
  • Easy-to-use voltage controlled 32-step sequencer with 64 sequence locations
  • Arpeggiator with wide patterns
  • Attachable handgrip included with pitch bend wheel and a pitch modulation trigger
  • Guitar strap included
  • Bender assignable to VCO, VCF and pitch mod wheel on attachable handgrip
  • Noise generator can be used as modulation source for distortion-like effects
  • Portamento function with auto mode
  • Pulse wave can be modulated by LFO, envelope and manually
  • 57 sliders and switches to give you direct and real-time access to all important parameters
  • External audio input for processing external sound sources
  • Comprehensive MIDI implementation with MIDI channel and Voice Priority selection
  • 3-Year Warranty Program

Details on pricing and availability are still to be announced.

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37 thoughts on “Behringer MS-101 Audio Preview (Roland SH-101 Clone)

    1. Can’t help thinking it comes across as a bit of a toy, esp in those videos. But fun nonetheless. So yes, $149 might be a good price point.

      1. Obviously you’ve never used a 101 before. Currently a well maintained 101 can be sold for up to €1200. Hardly what you’d call “a toy”. Seeing as this is a 1:1 sized replica, fully analogue and includes a number of new features over the original (which hasn’t been in production for more than 30 years) its a pretty big deal.

        1. Chill! I meant that the way this prototype is being demoed by bboytechreport makes it look like a child’s toy. Maybe this is down to the demoer, or maybe the circuitry isn’t quite finished so it can’t be fully demonstrated.

          I wrote my comment before the flux demo was out — that is way more impressive. Imho. If you watched the bboytechreport demo and enjoyed it, fine!

          1. yeh, no cant follow that logic at all.

            its a replica of the sh-101 and as much of a toy as the OG.

            im not sure what do you mean by “enjoying” the demo. the point of it is to gauge the timbre of the clone and indeed it has the wonderful liquid rubbery quality of the classic.

            1. Fair enough. I guess we look for different things in demos. When I see a demo, I think, if I buy this I could sound like that. The progression Fmaj7/G7 is the kind of thing a child would play. Never heard it on a professional recording. But it if you’re able to hear beyond that, great.

              1. bro i really dont want to be a dick but none of that connects for me.

                imma leave it be but for the record:
                you saw a filter and osc, arp demo>proceeded to percieve it as a toy>concluded it should be at around 149$.

                that mess of a thought process bugs me more than it should but i dont mean to be offensive. its not what i am able to hear, surely, you as a musician can distinguish between a sound demo and rudess shredding it.

                infact these barebone demos are actually more revealing than some virtuoso killing a synth. that same guy can most likely make any keyboard sound good.
                what you seem to want is marketing, which is fine i guess.

                1. You’re probably right. I should have first said “can someone explain what to listen for because I think he’s playing it like a toy”, instead of the thing about $150. And then you could have said “listen to the liquid rubbery quality of the sound which matches the original”. And we’d have been done quicker. Sorry for bugging you with my mess of a thought process!

      2. it comes with a strap and bender stick, full size keys, can’t see it being that low, even tho the actual synth is pretty basic in components. It’s much bigger than a volca of similar complexity, so perhaps expect 250-350??

  1. It’s as much of a toy as the original was. That didn’t stop creative people from making great tracks with it. The 303 was considered a piece of junk until a creative person looked at it from a different perspective. Interested in this one.

    1. exactly right. a pencil is a piece of wood and graphite. some though, can produce sublime works of art.
      putting down a synth as a toy is a hallmark of complete idiocy and a sure sign you can disregard anything that individual has to say.

  2. Well the resurrections continue. That’s fine. So many good synths have gone out of production/disappeared over the years. I do wonder if they’ll consider resurrecting the EML-101. That would make me very happy.

    1. Unfortunately, the $149 price is as made up as the $200 price rumor.

      It would make more sense for it to be a bit more expensive than the D and the Neutron, since it is larger and more physically complex to manufacturer. So I’d expect it to com in closer to $400.

      And if I’m wrong, put me down for one.

  3. I suspect all of Behringer’s new synths do or will sound identical to Neutron because they all use the same oscillator chip and filter design. so basically their is nothing to audibly differentiate what Behringer synth you use. And so Behringer is basically just marketing designs to capitalize on consumers who desire certain vintage interfaces. Just a thought. I mean, if you close your eyes do you not hear the neutron in this video?

    1. This is as it should be, they are replicating a synth that used a curtis 3340 oscillator with their own clone of this chip. Many classic synths used this oscillator chip including the SH-101, Pro-One, MemoryMoog etc, did they all sound the same?

    2. If they are cloning the 101 properly it will not have same filter as Neutron. What’s your source for stating it has same filter as neutron?

  4. great to have a knockoff sh101 available, sounds dope too, however.

    i have nothing but disgust for all of the people asking for this to be 9.99$ or some sh!t like that.
    nevermind the fact that someone has to produce your crap commodities for slave wages,
    nevermind that those people live in subhuman conditions.
    just give me stuff for cheaps, preferably free

    and on the flipside,i bet you those same people will themselves demand higher wages and yell how they are being ripped off by the chinese hurr durr. can you get more miopic and hypocritical?

    the cheapness and selfishness of the consumer is why the western world has lost its production capabilities.
    but lets smack some tariffs, thats the solution.

    how about the price is set so the people that produce it can live dignified lives?
    how about the consumers support fair trade even if that means paying more?
    how about you support local produce, not some product of defacto slavery?
    never gonna happen.

    this is not on behringer btw – the world is an effed up place because of complacency and utter selfishness of the consumers.
    you know who you are. this is on you.

    1. Technomancer – Careful. It’s almost guaranteed that the computer/tablet/mobile you wrote your rant on is running quite a bit of open source software (perhaps in Chrome, i0S, Android or Mac OS). It was developed by people who wrote it *for free*.

      1. no, i wrote this on a w10 pc and the amount of wrong you crammed in two sentences is honestly awe inspiring.

        first off, im not sure you even know the difference between free software, open source software and propriatery software.

        some of the “free” software and services are monetized on the back end by selling data to advertisers etc. infact this is almost always the case with free software and services nowadays. one of the rare truisms of our age is “if its free you are the product”.

        open source software of any complexity/popularity has some influx of funds. look up linux or blender foundations, to name just the two of the most popular sw. the support of the community has become essential for the development, even if using the software itself is free.

        in any case this is all a non sequitur. equating chinese and third world labour conditions its the impact on the local and global economies to open source software is…i´m honestly at a loss for words.

        i started laughing but then realized you may actually be an adult. and now im just kinda sad.

        so the only correct bit in your post is that it mine was a rant. 100% right on that.

    2. All of us humans deserve to suffer and die. Enjoy the good life while you have it. The thing is the more you care the more it hurts you and the further you start to lose sanity. When I focused on all of that…..and knowing I couldn’t change it, made me suicidal. So you have to distance yourself.

      Also, it is their fault they work for slave wages they could run away and keep trying at a new life somewhere else. If they are trapped as slaves then if they want freedom they can kill themselves all and put the companies out of business.

      But none of this really matters, Earth is slowly dying and humans will only last another few hundred years….unless we escape to new worlds. We may be able to reverse global warming though but not by being green alone.

      I tried being Vegan too but the same issues happened and I couldn’t cipe with it all and became more suicidal than ever… yea, moral of the story is……screw it all.

  5. This sounds great, just like the real thing. Behringer have said that it will be ‘jaw-droppingly cheap’ so it will be interesting to see the price. As an aside – what is with this modern trend for embedded video and audio players with no f’ing volume control. How is that progress?

  6. I’m loving it no matter what Behringer thinks is a fair price. If history is any lesson Behringer is bringing out Roland/Korg quality gear for Casio prices these days. Personally I can’t wait for the new RD-909 clone expected at under $300 USD. If they can bring out the MS-101 for around the same price I’ll buy em both and start my own synthesizer devolution revolution. Uli Behringer is my nomination for sainthood 😀

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