New DU-INO Module ‘The Ultimate Eurorack Arduino Shield’

At Knobcon 2018, developer Aaron Mavrinac debuted his DU-INO – an Arduino-based Eurorack module that lets you run a variety of firmware, so the module can perform many functions within your modular synthesizer.

If you’re a programmer, you can also create your own custom firmware for the module, using standard Arduino tools.

Mavrinac is funding production of the DU-INO via a Kickstarter project, which is already halfway to its funding goal. Here’s the official project intro:

He also shared a couple of examples of the DU-INO in action. The first video demonstrates the DU-INO running the DU-RDT sequential logic module:

Mavrinac notes that “These demos are a bit more musical than the unfortunate state my sequencer patch was in, after a whole day of attendees twiddling it, when I gave the interview. :)”

The second video demonstrates the DU-INO running a Sequential Circuits Prophet VS-style envelope generator. This is a 5-point envelope, with an initial level, linear transitions between the points, and an exponential decay. The time between points can be set up to 40 seconds for long, evolving timbres. It can loop over a selection of the points either forward or back and forth, a configurable number of times (including continuously).

Of course, since it is based on the open Arduino platform, there are other programs that can be adapted to run with DU-INO, or you can create something complete from scratch.

Pricing and Availability

The DU-INO is available as a complete module for CA $300.

2 thoughts on “New DU-INO Module ‘The Ultimate Eurorack Arduino Shield’

    1. ArdCore is geared towards being a simple and straightforward to use module whereas this one is more computer-y with the screen and the click encoder, as well having a more comprehensive set of inputs and outputs.

      In other words If I would want to code, say, a custom LFO I’d probably do it with ArdCore but if I wanted to code my own step sequencer I’d do it with du-ino.

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