Accordion vs Synth Jam Session (Accordiontronica)

Sunday Synth Jam: This video song captures an accordion vs synth accordiontronica jam session by reader JoeSchorle.

Technical Details:

Live Video Synth-Jam of Live Accordion through FX chain vs programmed and live tweaked synths.

Left Corner: Hohner Amica III 72, played live through FX: Moogerfooger MF 107 FreqBox, BOSS Delay DD7, Strymon Big Sky

Right Corner: Arturia Drumbrute Impact and Behring Model D

Recorded live and direct to Ableton live, only a little Valhalla Reverb and Mastering.

2 thoughts on “Accordion vs Synth Jam Session (Accordiontronica)

  1. Gotta love the effects added onto the accordion

    Just adds that extra tasty magic dust to an already cool hollow sound

    And trippy little riffs help too

  2. I really liked the accordion. That was a really creative take on the instrument which is making me reconsider my prejudices regarding accordions.

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