Generative Music With Gestrument Pro & A DIY Resonator

This ambient improvisation, via Gestrument, explores using their Gestrument Pro iOS app for creating ambient electro-acoustic music.

Gestrument Pro is being used to sequence the notes and synthesize the plucked string sounds, which are augmented with acoustic string resonances from the zither.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

In this video, we’re taking a look at a generative installation piece that makes use of the Variable Phase Arpeggiator preset in Gestrument Pro, as well as a Zither set up as a DIY Resonator.

The Variable Phase Arpeggiator is a generative Gestrument Pro factory preset that makes use of the “phase offset” feature to freely control the timings of each hit in relation to the beat. The amount of Phase Offset for each instrument is controlled by each cursor’s position on the x-axis. So, the further you place the cursor from the center of the play area, the further you’ll shift the cursor’s hit from the beat.

This lets users create “human” rhythms and melodies by embracing imperfection and letting go of quantized hits. Every plucked string you hear in this video was generated with Gestrument Pro

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