9 thoughts on “Zentric Egg – The Sorcerer

  1. Love the animations, not sure whether I am appreciating the music or the graphics equally. It’s an odd space in between audio and visual. Is it intended as a compositional masterpiece or a graphical technical achievement? (I think the latter).

    It’s also fairly slow-paced, so there’s not a lot of action to keep the eyes entertained. If it were some other sort of performance (dance, ballet, opera, musical theatre) what would be happening to keep the audience engaged?

    Awe-inspiring achievement nonetheless.

    1. Well-spotted. The graphics weren’t created for the music. I took some animation sequences I’d rendered previously and added them to the music along with the rendered stills. I intend to create more focused visuals specifically for a music track at some point. Agree about the pacing too.


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