Junkie XL On Three Ways To Improve Your Studio

Tom Holkenborg, aka Junkie XL, shared a new video in his Studio Time series, looking at three ways to improve your studio.

Holkenborg is known for film scoring, and his video reflects this, focusing on three relatively cheap ways he’s improved the way his studio works and sounds: adding basic acoustic treatment; moving your computers out of your studio; and using old, but still powerful rack-mount servers to run your software synths and sound libraries.

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7 thoughts on “Junkie XL On Three Ways To Improve Your Studio

  1. I think there is a misconception / misinformation about acoustic treatment here. Buying an acoustic treatment kit and bang some panels on the walls…

    First step would be to check the reflection points, to actually to find the proper position for the panels and what panels you need.

    1. You must be thinking of MIDI lag in long cable runs. That takes really long cables runs to have any effect though.

      With audio cables it not an issue. Ever been to a live show? Where’s the mixer at?

  2. It’s not latency that happens in long cables, it’s signal degradation. The electrical signal smears over longer runs. I am unsure how long an instrument cable can be at line level.

  3. Props to Tom for talking the talk. Tom: All subject to interpretation , but entry level and intermediate examples would be more of what I personally could use. I like that you created a video starting point and want to engage people as to what they would like to see. Having a home studio has been a dream of mine, and you’ve definitely giving me some food for thought. You da man!

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