New Plugin, Nostromos v2, Inspired by 80s Sci Fi Movies

SampleScience has introduced Nostromos v2, a plugin instrument inspired by 80s science fiction movies, such as Alien, Creature, The Abyss, and Predator.

Nostromos v2 features 100 cinematic sounds. The VST/AU plugin instrument sports a simple user interface with a new multi-waveforms LFO and lowpass/highpass filters.


  • 100 epic cinematic instruments
  • Lowpass/Highpass filter
  • Multi-waveforms LFO to Pitch/Pan/Expression
  • Sub oscillator
  • Vinyl, Noise, and Dust sound layers
  • Reverb
  • Amplitude range controls

Audio Demo:

Pricing and Availability

Nostromos v2 is available for both Windows and macOS for US $30.

One thought on “New Plugin, Nostromos v2, Inspired by 80s Sci Fi Movies

  1. Sounds interesting, nice spooky ambiences and rhythmic pulsating patterns. Would love to know a bit more about the architecture and synthesis. Hopefully not just a set of samples routed through a filter!!

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