Rob Papen Intros Explorer 5 Bundle

Rob Papen has introduced Explorer 5 – the latest version of his all-in-one bundle.

Explorer 5 includes:

  • Go2
  • RAW-Kick
  • MasterMagic
  • SubBoomBass 2
  • Predator 2
  • RG
  • RP-Verb 2
  • RP-EQ
  • Blade
  • Punch
  • Punch-BD
  • RP-Delay
  • RP-Distort
  • RP-Amod
  • RAW
  • SubBoomBass
  • Predator
  • PredatorFX
  • Prisma

Pricing and Availability

Explorer 5 is available now for € 499,- / $ 499. Upgrade pricing is also available.

3 thoughts on “Rob Papen Intros Explorer 5 Bundle

  1. Rob Papen plug-ins are always top notch. Unfortunately, I would probably only use Predator 2 and Blue-II from this set.

  2. Great bundle, i am using several plugins every day. When you buy one plugin, say the rp delay for € 49 you can upgrade for € 299. So actually you can have them all for € 348. It’s a steal..!!

  3. Rob is one of the best! The library / presets managers in the instruments allow a streamlined method to finding the exact sound you need or to start with to shape your own.

    He has been responsible to so much over the years and on top of all of this, Rob is a great guy!

    He is also not a huge corporation and is someone you can talk with if you have questions or concerns or maybe even suggestions.

    We need more folks like this in the community!

    He also did not pay me to write this but if he does see this, I will gladly take any odd candy or treats from the homelands to be sent to Los Angeles.

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