Free Mutable Instruments Marbles Module For VCV Rack

Reader Omri Cohen has created a new module demo, for the Audible Instruments Random Sampler for VCV Rack,a free and open source version of Mutable Instruments Marbles hardware module.

“I build all the example patches from scratch, showing what this beautiful module can do,” notes Cohen. “I hope you will find it interesting.”

VCV Rack is an open source multi-platform software modular synthesizer that emulates the hardware Eurorack modular platform. See the VCV Rack site for details.

Topics Covered:

Intro – 00:39
The T section (gates generator) – 03:29
The X section (sample and hold) – 15:34
The Deja Vu section – 31:49

Using Marbles with external voltages
Control Voltage – 36:53
Audio-Rate signals – 39:42

Using Marbles as an oscillator – 42:10

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