Live Electroacoustic Performance For Piano + Modular Synthesizer

Sunday Synth Jam: Reader Damian Marhulets shared this live electroacoustic performance, Brilliant Darkness #1, a duet with pianist Marina Baranova.

The video captures a performance on the opening night of the Brilliant Darkness event series, which explores fringes of modern philosophy, art and music.

Here’s what Marhulets told us about the technical details of the performance:

This is a live set we played last tuesday at the Sprengel Musem Hannover after a lecture of Dr. David Roden (The Open University, UK) on Speculative Posthumanism.

Marina is playing an augumented grand piano with a lot of live-preparations. I’m playing a modular system consisting of two intellijel performance cases, OP-1 and a couple of guitar stomp boxes.

Main modules I use in this performance are two Morphagenes (make noise), Plaits and Elements (mutable instruments) and Kermit (the harvestman) as my main soundsorces. I also have Rings processed by the Infinite Jets (hologram) and my beloved Echo Degrader (industrialectric) is my main master effect.

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