‘Live Vintage’ Performance Of ‘Body and Soul’

Sunday Synth Jam: Gil Assayas, aka GLASYS, shared this unique ‘live vintage’ performance of of the jazz standard Body and Soul.

Here’s what Assayas has to say about the technical details:

This is my arrangement of the classic Jazz standard Body and Soul.

I’m using the Mellow Upright sample on my Nord Stage 2 EX and running it in mono through the Cooper FX Generation Loss.

6 thoughts on “‘Live Vintage’ Performance Of ‘Body and Soul’

  1. Love GLASYS; What a great musical talent!

    I also love the Cooper FX Generation loss. The Knobs YouTube demo piqued my interest. It has a certain magic to the tone.

    Of course itโ€™s one of those small batch, never in stock, expensive boutique pedals. Totally worth it in this case though imho.

  2. That “vintage-izer” is very effective– especially as I listen through my tiny laptop speakers. There are certainly ways to achieve various aspects of that sound (wow, flutter, noise, etc.) but with one box doing all that, it just sounds so authentic. (Although some of the lovely “modern” chords do more to break the time-period– but so what.)

    Yea. What nice playing!

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