Squarp Pyramid Sequencer In-Depth Demo

The latest loopop video takes an in-depth look at the Squarp Pyramid sequencer.

The Squarp Pyramid is an advanced hardware step sequencer that offers 64 polyphonic tracks, unlimited number of notes & automation, up to 2048 patterns per project and 12 dynamic MIDI effects.

Topics covered:

41:25 SEQ MODE
53:55 MISC

See the Squarp site for details.

15 thoughts on “Squarp Pyramid Sequencer In-Depth Demo

  1. hi just one comment on the text, the number of notes and events is by no means unlimited, in fact the severe limitation to about 3000 notes / events has turned out to be the worst shortcoming of the otherwise stellar pyramid at this point.

    1. The event limit had been increased over the different firmware revisions. Under the 3.0 revision the event limit is just under 9,000. Still a limitation, but significantly higher than the initial 3,000 event limit.

      1. that’s right, and i got the number wrong. nevertheless i think it’s not cool of Squarp to keep advertising “unlimited” notes / events.

    2. Yep 3000 notes is definitely more limiting than infinite but you can still write complete complex tracks within that. The mindset should be to expect to tweak your knobs live. The other caveat is there’s no quick way to flip into a new project/song so if you’re performing live I’d recommend another sequencer to bridge the gap or get two of them.

  2. I think combining the Toraiz SP-16 (hardware quality and touch colour screens) with the Squarp Pyramid would be a dream device.

  3. These developers have done an impressive job of creating an incredibly deep and flexible rhythm monster. I love all those extra time saving combinations of controls. They’ve kept the UI pretty simple, but give you lots of ways to speed up your work for such a small screen.

    I read page 32 of the manual, and the ways you can mix and match tracks of different rates is very flexible and seems pretty well thought out. There are some limitations and clunky things that would be tricky to implement anyway, but for a product of this type, I have not seen anything that comes close (apart from a proper DAW).

    This is exactly the kind of device I can get obsessed with!!

  4. I have both the Cirklon and the Pyramid. I hardly touch my pyramid anymore except when people come over to jam. It’s way easier to teach people how to use the pyramid than the Cirklon. I spent the first 6 months hating my Cirklon and going back to the pyramid, then I would get frustrated with the pyramid and switch back to the Cirklon. I will say this. If the pyraOS was at 3.0, I may have never switched in the first place.

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