Yamaha TG33 Editor & Librarian Added To Patch Base

Developer Chadwick Wood let us know that he’s updated his Patch Base iPad patch editor with an editor & librarian for the Yamaha TG33.

Here’s what Wood has to say about the Yamaha TB33 editor:

The Yamaha TG33 is now supported in Patch Base. It’s one of the top-requested editors from the Patch Base voting page, and for good reason: the TG33 has hundreds of parameters to tweak, and the synth itself just has a tiny screen and a couple of rows of buttons to access them from.

The TG33 is an interesting mix of ingredients: each patch on the TG33 is made of up to 4 separate “elements”: 2 FM voices, and 2 sample-based (crunchy, character-heavy 12-bit samples) voices. And on the left side of the synth, you get a sweet joystick that you can use to mix the levels of the elements in real-time, which adds a great performance aspect to the TG33.

You can record your joystick wiggles as well, and store those as part of the sound, so that every note played reproduces the exact mix of elements that you played. It also includes a simple effects section, with some reverbs and delays and a very idiosyncratic distortion/reverb combo.

Patch Base currently offers editors for these synths:

  • Casio CZ-1, CZ-101, CZ-1000, CZ-3000, CZ-5000
  • Clavia Nord Lead 2, Nord Lead 2X
  • DSI Mopho and Mopho Keyboard
  • Ensoniq ESQ-1, SQ-80, and ESQ-M
  • Korg Volca FM, Minilogue, microKORG, MS2000, MS2000R, MS2000B, MS2000BR
  • Oberheim Matrix-1000, Matrix-6, Matrix-6r
  • Roland JD-Xi, JV-1080, JV-2080, JV-1010, XP-80, XP-60, XP-50, XP-30, D-50, D-550, D-05, D-110, D-10, D-20, D-5
  • Waldorf Blofeld
  • Yamaha DX7, DX7II, TX7, TX802, TX816, TX81Z, DX100, FB-01, FS1R, TG33

Pricing and Availability

Patch Base is available as free download, but enabling support for individual synths is about $30.

One thought on “Yamaha TG33 Editor & Librarian Added To Patch Base

  1. Commendable work, but in my opinion no SY22 / SY 35 / TG33 editors manage to leverage the computer graphic abilities to edit vector movements, simply for instance by allowing to draw the factor moves…

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