The River Synthesizer Audio Demo

This video, via Laurent Lecatelier, features the sound of Baloran’s The River – a new 8-voice analog polysynth.

The River synth is fully multitimbral, offering 8 voices with discrete analog VCO/VCF/Envelopes & Tri-Chorus. It’s designed to be the center of your home studio, controlling its own internal sound engine as well as external gear via CV/Gate, MIDI or USB-MIDI.

Audio Demos:

Pricing and Availability

The River is being made in batches of 20. The current batch is priced at 4600 € excluding VAT or 5520 € VAT 20% include, but is listed as sold out. See the Baloran site for details.

10 thoughts on “The River Synthesizer Audio Demo

  1. If this is about $5600 U.S., then not a bad deal and is on par with a Moog one. A decent condition OB-X could cost you double this. My concern is more about warranty and maintenence, especially since it’s big, heavy, and the manufaturer is somewhat obscure and across the globe from U.S. customers. Still very tempting.

  2. Looks nice and Knobby with an insane amount of outs (CV and Trig/Gate).
    Great demo of the sounds. From what I can hear, it has that fat and warm analogue goodness. Unfortunately, I feel like I could spend $5K on other gear and get a lot more for my money.
    This seems to be more of a “collectors” piece to me.

  3. Workstations with sequencers are clearly fading in favor of synths that can act as “nerve centers.” I think The River has its own appealing edge in clarity without losing the analog lushness people like, but a first run of only 20? That’s definitely way up in the boutique stratosphere, but also not so unusual for $5k+ super-synths. $500 of the price is probably the IN/OUTs in several forms and the associated circuitry. Would I love to mess with one for a while? Sure. Am I going to get a chance at it? Sure, right after Superman signs my autograph book.

  4. Sounds like an analogue poly synth. It does have one special feature. You can place another keyboard on the top and watch it fall off.

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