Sequential Pro 2 Update Adds DX-Style FM Synthesis, Alternate Tunings & More

Sequential has released Pro 2 OS version 1.4, a free update that adds DX-style FM synthesis, alternate tunings and more.

Here’s what’s new in Pro 2 OS 1.4:

  • Linear frequency modulation for classic DX-style FM.
  • Arpeggiator Beat Sync. This Global parameter quantizes keyboard performance of the arpeggiator so that notes are triggered precisely on the beat.
  • Sequencer Direction parameter, which provides new options for sequencer
    playback direction: forward, reverse, ping-pong, and random.
  • Rest/tie note input during step recording on track 1 of the Sequencer.
  • Lock sequence, which allows you to continuously run the same sequence
    while changing presets/programs.
  • MIDI CC output from the Pro 2 sequencer.
  • Trigger/Gate CV output, which gives you the ability to send a per-step gate
    signal from the CV output of the Pro 2 Sequencer.
  • Alternate Tunings. The Pro 2 now ships with 16 preset alternative tunings
    ranging from Equal temperament to Indonesian Gamelan tunings. Other
    tuning sets can be downloaded if desired

See the Sequential site for details.

12 thoughts on “Sequential Pro 2 Update Adds DX-Style FM Synthesis, Alternate Tunings & More

  1. Wow. That’s quite a nice update. Similarly to the recent BS2 update adding Filter Tracking, as a non-owner I’m actually a little surprised to find out the sequencer didn’t already have some of the new features. Seems like some of those will open those sequencer tracks right up to a lot of new possibilities. Way to go, Sequential.

  2. All the information I’ve read about “DX style FM” states that it is non-linear FM and that there are definite differences in the results. Also, DX FM is really phase modulation synthesis. When you modulate the phase of an audio signal, the pitch gets modulated as well. But again, the results can be different.

    1. If you go into paraphonic mode, it becomes an intermodulated unpredictable thing, depending on which notes you play, their settings, and how they are triggered. It’s madness in the best way.

  3. This is my favorite synth of all time, hands down, and I’ve owned my share. Its modulation capabilities alone make it a must-have, and the new features make it more amazing. It’s a shame some people passed on this one because of digital oscillators, because it is an absolute classic, and can make any sound out there.

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