Ableton Live 10 Explained In 37 Minutes

The latest loopop video offers a quick intro to Ableton Live.

It covers the basics, but also covers configuration details, automation, working with two views and more.


0:00 Don’t panic!
0:55 Use two windows
2:20 Overview
5:00 Recording
7:50 From session to arrangement
10:20 Overdubbing
11:45 Clips & devices
13:10 Editing clips
13:40 Loop controls
15:25 Clip boxes
16:00 Clip tips
18:10 Warp explained
19:05 Follow actions
20:15 Automation
21:15 Draw envelopes
23:35 Record motion
24:40 Unlinking mods
25:15 VST automation
26:25 MIDI mapping
26:55 Important preferences
27:30 Audio configs
28:15 MIDI configs
29:55 Default set
31:00 Other settings
31:35 Capture
32:30 Misc features
35:20 Want more?

2 thoughts on “Ableton Live 10 Explained In 37 Minutes

    1. I work with Live and FL studio now over 15 years and I can tell you if you want to master FL Studio its much more complicated than live… I prefer at the moment also FL Studio but please dont say ableton is complicated its the most easy daw weve got…

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