Ocean Swift Intros Music Handyman Toolbox

Ocean Swift Synthesis has introduced ‘Music Handyman Toolbox’, described as ‘a Swiss army knife toolkit of useful features, musically relevant math functions and references for musicians, sound designers and audio developers’.

You can load it as a VST in your DAW or use it standalone.

The tools included let you:

  • Determine the time, frequency and samples in a measure at a given sample rate
  • Quickly view the notes of a musical scale
  • Get the frequency of a note in different tunings
  • Generate tones
  • View reference charts for MIDI CC numbers, frequency spectrum, loudness and compression.
  • Store information about a musical project such as BPM, musical scale, tuning and additional user notes such as a project’s to-do list, information for remixers, credits, reminders or anything else.
  • The project information includes the option to export to a text file, to include easily accessible information within a project’s folder.

Pricing and Availability

Music Handyman Toolbox is available now for 10 Euro (intro price, normally 15 Euro).

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