Steinberg Intros Cubase 10, Here’s What’s New

Steinberg has introduced Cubase 10, the latest version of the Mac + Windows DAW.

The update features Groove Agent SE5, a redesigned channel strip, VariAudio 3, simplified side-chaining, advanced MPE support, audio alignment, latency monitor, new VST plug-ins, plug-in drag and drop, an enhanced user interface and more.

Here’s a video playlist, covering the new features in Cubase 10:

Pricing and Availability

Cubase 10 is available in several editions. Details, along with upgrade options, are available from the Steinberg site.

18 thoughts on “Steinberg Intros Cubase 10, Here’s What’s New

  1. still takes an eternity to load compared to other DAWs. This is on a core i7 with 24G ram and a fast SSD. I think its actually slower than 9.5 was.

  2. HiDPI doesn’t work in widows 10 unless you have the vision of an Owl! Teeny tiny little dark grey buttons on black….Big fonts, little fonts, different types of fonts, new modern menus, old windows 95 style menus….its like they got half way through updating the GUI and just sort, sod it, lets release it anyway! Still has that fugly top menu bar that never seems to close for me!

    1. Right? Until they drop the dongle I will not buy any more software from Steinberg, which is shame because the HalionSonic upgrade looks great. That is a very good and underrated piece of software.They really need to clue in to the fact that many of us use multiple computers in the studio. Even allowing multiple licenses would be a major improvement. But no, they continue to treat their users like criminals.

  3. Steinberg can you make a midi sequencer that is like your original product for the Atari.A lot of still only sequence midi.

    1. pretty sure the issue is not with steinberg but with modern computer OS’s diverting processing power to non-essential functions. others with more technical expertise can chime in.

    2. > Steinberg can you make a midi sequencer that is like your original product for the Atari.

      Karl Steinberg himself wrote most of that code. I ran Cubase 1.0 and all subsequent releases. I delivered handwritten letters to Karl with enumerated bug lists and his response was to implement my suggestions. Happy days.

      What is now called Cubase is a derivative of a totally different software, Nuendo, that their corporation purchased around 2000. Karl is no longer the sole or lead designer, which is understandable. A Lite version of Nuendo was rebranded Cubase, but it was not Cubase at all. Over subsequent releases Steinberg attempted to cross port various UI aspects of Cubase to Nuendo which was now named Cubase. This effort was not very successful.

      Possibly of interest as well, according to industry lore, the entire original design team was canned, and replaced with others.

    1. I’m looking at my account on steinberg website and I don’t see an upgrade price from 9.5 Pro to 10. How much in USD and how do I upgrade?

  4. Ok so i’d say if you “redesigned a thousand windows” for a music program, perhaps you should consider taking their number down to two digits. The clutter shown on this video tutorial is unbelievable!

  5. They say they have listened to their users, still they demand that nutty aero-theme in Windoz to run their software – which in turn affects the look of all your other software. I will upgrade, but I find the demand for the aero-theme totally appaling.

  6. Updated yesterday. Love the update. I look at these updates somewhat differently than most people. I am in business for myself and from a business perspective it makes sense to do a “pay for” update. Once a product is sold, you don’t generate any new revenue. Companies need revenue to continue to exist. The $99.00 was nothing compared to the benefits I was given in this update. I will continue to support the yearly updates with their fee because I want this DAW to be around for a long time.

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