New Virtual Studio For iOS, BLEASS

BLEASS is a new virtual studio for iOS, combining a multitrack sequencer, synthesizer and drum machine.

Here’s an example jam with a Korg Volca Keys:


  • Low-CPU and low-latency iOS-dedicated audio engine
  • 4 tracks sequencer
  • up to 16 steps per bar
  • up to 8 bars per sequence
  • separate groove settings per track
  • live and song modes
  • tap tempo
  • speed control for each sequence ( x 0.5 / x1 / x2 )
  • solo button for each track
  • 2 FX sends  : reverb and filtered digital delay
  • optimized workflow for a smooth live/studio experience

The app is available as a free download, but advanced features require a subscription to unlock:

Pro Features (Subscription):

  • Access to all samples packs
  • Access to all presets packs
  • Monthly updates : new features, new packs, new instruments…
  • Projects files management : load, save, import, export…
  • MIDI in/out
  • MIDI LEARN (control changes)
  • MIDI sync out
  • Mono synth presets saving
  • MIX panel
  • FXs parameters customization

Pricing and Availability

BLEASS is available now as a free download. Advanced features are available via subscription for $6.49/month.

If you’ve used BLEASS, leave a comment and share your thoughts on it!

16 thoughts on “New Virtual Studio For iOS, BLEASS

  1. You got to be kidding me right?! I hate subscription based softwares anyway but other than that paying 6.49/month is stupid for an iOS app!

  2. I’m not sure what this does that many other non subscription apps don’t. I’d be game to try it out if midi wasn’t locked behind a subwall. For what’s featured I would expect the purchase price to not be much more than the single month sub. If the promised updates were good I’d consider the sub, but no midi is a deal breaker.

  3. Hi, here is Alexis the developer of BLEASS.
    We kind of missed our starting price …
    So let’s tune, price will change in few days.

    By the way, thanks for your thought about our product. Don’t forget that BLEASS can be downloaded for free and you can also enjoy a free trial period to get a complete our about what’s inside.

    Our goal is to make an app that update continuously, with new features each months. That’s why we choose the subscription model.


    1. Thanks for your thoughts. I, personally, will never buy subscription- based apps. If a major release comes along, i will think about paying for an app again.
      Best of luck

    2. Thank you for responding here, Alexis. Yeah, you’re going to take a beating on that pricing model. I just don’t think we’re there yet on monthly subscription fees for apps like this. If that’s what you’re after, I’d rather follow the Beatmaker model, and just buy a completely new version every year or so than to pay a monthly fee in “hopes” that there might or might not be an update every so often.

      It’s an interesting app, but that price is just a killer.

    3. No offence Alexis, and best of luck with your subscription model, but you’re entering an already extremely saturated market with many incredible developers who have apps way ahead of their time, offering far more complex features but at a set price with perhaps a couple of in-app purchases to unlock some other features to make their apps ‘complete’. Auxy are now asking for a subscription, and that’s why I (angrily) also deleted their app. Take a look at your competition. Bram Bos creates unique plugins and instruments and releases something new every couple of months or so. All one-off payments. Same with Virsynth. The list is enormous. Even the guys at Meteor are splitting their DAW up, and selling the plugins individually. You may be lucky and find that someone will pay you a retainer while you tap away in Xcode, but with such a limited app at the very start with very low horizons for what this app will bring, apart from and like I said, very little improvement over what is already out there, you may find that your retainer won’t amount to very much. I may be wrong of course. But then if you think this is truly the only way to proceed, then don’t bother taking in any of the above, or other posters on this thread. But and having said that, I’m (and I imagine most of the rest of us) not interested *at all* in subscription-based apps. I want a product that blows me away from the outset, with some future updates, and maybe happy to shell out a few bob more for a major update. Certainly not something which is just paying a developer’s household bills while he or she just adds a little bit extra when they feel like it.

    4. Hi!
      Thanks for your thoughts.

      Our prices have dropped significantly recently. And also, we will add a “Lifetime Subscription” (pay once to get all the app and all update) in the next release who shall arrive in a few days. We deeply understood that people don’t always like subscription, that’s why we will offer both options from now on.

      This release contains also a landscape mode for iPad, a new sample pack, a new ping pong stereo delay …

      We designed BLEASS as a complete app to compose and perform live ( we did some live with the app and it is running great ), that’s why we can’t (or we don’t want to) sell it like a simple plugin dedicated to do only one specific thing.

  4. Novation update their products regularly, but they charge no subscription at all. Being a new start-up company, and with only one ‘iOS’ product, a product yet to prove it’s any good, a subscription model is not the way to go – especially at that price.
    It’s bad enough korg doing it!

  5. Based on iPad posts on this forum over the last year or so myself and it seems just a few others regularly comment on iPad related stuff, whatever, IIWII… but as a person who has purchased over or close to 1,000 apps and is using 6 different iPads including my original first gen I have NO interest in subscription apps. Just my 0.02

  6. Nice looking app. I’m not immediately against subscriptions but do think the asking price is probably a little high relative to the competition. You can get an awful lot of well-established, well specified apptacular goodness for considerably less than $78/year.

    1. Thanks Will,

      Price has dropped significantly recently. Also we will add a lifetime subscription (it means … pay once and get everything in the future) in the next release who shall arrive very soon (hopefully next week!).

  7. Hi Guys,

    So the new update for Bleass went just out.
    We’ve added the landscape mode (for landscape lovers) on iPad and some different features such as a new fx, a new sample pack, a 2nd LFO …

    Also please notice that prices have changed and we also add a “Pay Once, get everything” ($13.99) option for people who are not into subscription.

    Check out our update video (there’s cat inside):



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