Dtronics DT-RDX Adds 50 Knobs & Switches To The Yamaha Reface DX

Dtronics has announced that its DT-RDX controller for the Yamaha Reface DX is now available.

The Dtronics DT-RDX is a dedicated hardware controller for the Yamaha Reface DX. It has 41 knobs and 9 switches, making the DS’s FM synthesis parameters directly accessible, even letting you edit multiple operators with the same parameters at the same time.

Pricing and Availability

The DT-RDX is available now, priced at 299 Euro.

20 thoughts on “Dtronics DT-RDX Adds 50 Knobs & Switches To The Yamaha Reface DX

  1. Would this work on a vintage DX7 or a TX81Z? Since the Reface can accept patches from editor/ librarian software I would imagine it uses the same midi protocol as the vintage units.

    1. Same company also makes an editor for the DX7. It’s really big and has what looks like about 70 odd knobs on there. There’s like one demo of it on youtube somewhere

  2. This only accesses four operators. It likely will not work correctly with the 6 operator FM synths like the DX-7. It may work with the TX81Z which is also four operator. Does the reface have the same multi waveform as the 81Z?

    1. If you want a brand new synth with an FM engine and full size keys, you can grab the newly released Yamaha MODX.

      If you can handle used, you can pick of a DX7, DX21, or a number of other DX-series synths for VERY cheap on reverb, ebay, or craigslist.

      Or, if you’re on a tighter budget and don’t want used, you could grab a reface DX for a VERY affordable price, and slap your favourite weighted-keyed aftertouchable and velocorific keyboard down next to it and plug a midi cable between them.

      There are many options to get around your fat-fingered dilemma 😉

  3. The Reface DX is a completely stupid form factor. I would love a version with no keys at all, but more face controls. This device may help.

  4. holy crap!! ive been bashing on about this for ages…for someone to make an FM synth with knobs and sliders so you can actually edit the damn thing.

    This is kinda half way there. Its a start and im excited about it

  5. Hey, its a baby DX9, what’s not to love? Sure, its not a DX7 or bigger. So what? 4-op can create a lot of what we like about FM. I could ditch the mini-keys and use it as an honest tabletop module easily. Don’t carp about the color or what its allegedly missing; look at how it raises the bar for the form factor. It now has some sacred knobs and its still portable. Someone good should get the Reface DX & DT-RDX in their Xmus stocking.

    1. Even 2-op FM can do an awful lot. The Reface can recreate many of classic DX sounds even with only 4-op. Some of those classic patches are already in the Reface as presets. It can even do a few things not possible with any of the older Yamaha DXs. The FX engine for example adds quite a lot. However.. and it’s a big however.. it uses a shitty iOS app to store and recall patches and you can’t load legacy DX patches over SysEx or otherwise. The biggest missed opportunity of all. Even the FM8 and Volca can do that

  6. Finally got one! Kick-ass addition to the already awesome Reface DX 🙂

    Wish it had all the knobs and switches though… you can never have too many of those.

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