Secrets Of The Minimoog Model D iOS App

Moog Music has shared a new series of videos that look at using their Minimoog Model D iOS app.

The Minimoog Model D App is a software synth for iOS that recreates the sound and interface of the iconic Moog Model D synthesizer.

In the videos, developer Geert Bevin demonstrates some basics of using the Model D app, along with tips and tricks for getting the most out of it.

Pricing and Availability

The Minimoog Model D app is available now for US $14.99.

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  1. I might be missing something, but does anyone now how to save a patch without overwriting existing patches? For example, I like to save my own patches in a separate bank I’ve created, and this is easy on Animoog, but on Model D I find I can only save patches by overwriting the patch I started with, on an existing bank. Any help would be appreciated!

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