Tracktion DAW Engine Now Open Source

Tracktion Software, makers of the Waveform DAW, has announced Tracktion Engine – a collection of open source files in JUCE module format that can be used to create sequence-based audio applications, from a simple file-player to a full-blown DAW.

Tracktion Engine is available via a GPL/Commercial license.



  • A wide range of supported platforms (Windows, macOS, Linux, Raspberry Pi, iOS and Android)
  • Tempo, key and time-signature curves
  • Fast audio file playback via memory mapping
  • Audio editing including time-stretching and pitch shifting
  • MIDI with quantitation, groove, MPE and pattern generation
  • Built-in and external plugin support for all the major formats
  • Parameter adjustments with automation curves or algorithmic modifiers
  • Modular plugin patching Racks
  • Recording with punch, overdub and loop modes along with comp editing
  • External control surface support
  • Fully customizable rendering of arrangements

See the project’s Github site for more information.


7 thoughts on “Tracktion DAW Engine Now Open Source

  1. Oh no, sad news!
    If this trend continues, we will only have the five Mega-DAWs who will eventually merge with Googlebook.
    But then, cutting-edge musicians will rediscover acoustic instruments….

  2. This could be really interesting…………more stuff on Linux which would be appreciated. I am glad they brought back a great sequencer and made the base sequencer free for everyone.

  3. This is outstanding news! A very big step forward for any open source music dev. BTW, if this runs on JUCE, many companies who already use JUCE can incorporate any R&D from this into their existing products (cough MPC live cough)

  4. With all these stuff they’ve been giving away lately, I’m betting they’ll get a lot of “traction”.

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