New Plugin, DrumsSSX, Lets You Unmix & Remix Drum Recordings

Fuse Audio Effects has introduced DrumsSSX, a new app designed to let you separate mono or stereo drum recordings into their components for remixing, when no multitrack audio is available.


  • an advanced and trainable real-time NMF separation algorithm optimized for drum signals
  • a stereo ? 5.1 unmixing mode for additional external processing
  • a musical 3-band linear phase EQ per instrument
  • an easy to use dynamics module per instrument
  • a full featured mixer
  • a powerful analyzer view
  • a set of versatile and customizable drum kit presets

Video Demo:

Pricing and Availability

DrumsSSX is available now for Mac & Windows for an intro price of $35 (through Dec 19, 2018, normally $89). A trial version is also available.

2 thoughts on “New Plugin, DrumsSSX, Lets You Unmix & Remix Drum Recordings

  1. That’s pretty impressive. Though it has a little bit of artifacts, and the fidelity of that drum track in the example is pretty weak, it does seem to isolate them pretty effectively. They didn’t go into the “learning” process.

    For people who do this kind of mixing, $35 is a great price.

    Makes me wonder if they couldn’t apply this same approach to a full mix, just as a last ditch problem solver– isolate the bass, etc.

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