Waldorf Blofeld vs Waldorf Quantum


The Waldorf Quantum and Blofeld synthesizers were introduced 10 years apart and have a $3,000 price difference. But they also both build on the legacy of classic wavetable synths like the PPG Wave. 

This set of videos takes a look at the differences between the Quantum & the Blofeld. The first video takes a look at 15 things the Quantum does better than the Blofeld. The second video, explores 15 things that the Blofeld does better than the Quantum:


Check out the videos and share your thoughts on the pros and cons of the Quantum and Blofeld in the comments!

8 thoughts on “Waldorf Blofeld vs Waldorf Quantum

      1. Quantum has not been released into the market (a after it’s projected release date), thus it is as of now, vaporware. I have faith that Waldorf will eventually remedy this.

              1. People have been receiving Quantums since at least October… just not in the US. Go check the fb user forums. It’s not vaporware.

  1. He clearly knows both of those rigs really well. The Blofeld has always seemed like a fun box to have. I’ve always liked the examples I’ve heard of it. The price is pretty great, too.

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