Unofficial Disting mk4 Companion App For iOS, Modes

Developer Thomas Burns has introduced an iOS companion for the Disting mk4, called Modes.

The Disting is a polymorphic module Eurorack module – meaning that it has a generic hardware interface it can perform many types of functions.

Modes is an unofficial phone-friendly companion manual for the Expert Sleepers disting mk4. Modes lets you see the input/output and parameters of all the Disting mk4’s algorithms, and sort them either by order or by their module type.

The app is designed to let you keep ave a reference to the Disting’s functions in your pocket.

Pricing and Availability

Modes is available now for US $5.49.

11 thoughts on “Unofficial Disting mk4 Companion App For iOS, Modes

  1. Uh, shouldn’t something like this be free? I mean…it’s basically a manual and the only people who need it already bought the module. Weird.

    1. I would take your point if Expert Sleepers had produced the app, but it’s an “unofficial” manual by a third party who have chosen to charge for their work. But yeah, it appears to be simply an abridged, indexed version of the PDF manual provided by Expert Sleepers (which to be fair can be a bit of a trawl to get through).

  2. I see why I would get the app instead of a printed pdf, could come out pretty handy if you quickly want to look up an algorithm. I can also see why someone would charge money for an app, but in my opinion $5.49 is just extremely overpriced.

    Makes me think about developing an Android counterpart in my free time and releasing it for free…

    1. “Which one is the sample and hold?” is still cumbersome with that otherwise lovely PDF chart. That’s the advantage of the app. I agree it should be maybe $2 though, or free with a “but me a coffee” link or something. Many people are willing to volunteer their time to do guides, cheat sheets etc. on synth gear without any compensation.

  3. from an ES perspective this would drive me mad,
    so i would do my own (better) app and giving it for free!
    we even don‘t pay for new algos, so why for a manual as app!?

  4. Good idea,
    BUT ES should do their own (better) app and give it for free!
    Did somebody pay for new algos?
    So why for a manual as app?
    Save your money, go to a printstore and get a high quality
    mini print for your purse!

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