Powerful New Arturia Synthesizer Coming Dec 11 (Teaser)

Arturia announced that it will be introducing a new something new on Dec 11.

They have not shared any details, only a teaser video. If you watch closely, though, you may get some hints about the new synth’s capabilities.

28 thoughts on “Powerful New Arturia Synthesizer Coming Dec 11 (Teaser)

  1. If its not a soft synth i’ll be disappointed. Ive had to resign musrlf to never being able to have hardware synths and Id really like a software version of the various brutes i may be able to afford. 🙁

  2. Wonder if this new wavetable softsynth they showed will be available on iOS as AUv3, like PPG Infinite. (Neat thing about the PPG ones is that they support MPE.)

  3. Arturia should totally do a plug-in version of the Minibrute II. Would love to use that to experiment and store patch ideas.

  4. Arturia should do a plug-in version of the MiniBrute 2. It would be great also for keeping records of patches for the hardware.

  5. Def looks like a take on wavetables, maybe PPG given other emulations they’ve done. With all those ENV and LFOs.

  6. It’s definitely software. Looking frame-by-frame at the video, it looks like a synth with selectable oscillator types, with “Wavetable” selected. I see “Phase Mod”, “Phase Distortion”, “Wavefolding” controls. Two filters, which are set in that image to “SEM” and “Comb”.

  7. As I said elsewhere, once they do announce it we can complain that it is…

    1- Hardware, but nothing new or innovative.
    2- Hardware, but costs too much.
    3- Hardware, but not all knobby analog with 16 voices.
    4- Software, but nothing new or innovative.
    5- Software, but costs too much.
    6- Software, but not available with same features in a $5 iPad app.

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