Modal Electronics CraftSynth 2 Hands-On Demo

The latest Sonic Lab video features a preview of the upcoming Modal Electronics CRAFTsynth 2.

The CRAFTsynth 2 is a monophonic wavetable synthesizer that offers 8 oscillators, 8 banks of morphable waveforms, deep modulation options and more.

In the video, host Nick Batt talks with Modal’s Luke Saxton about the CraftSynth 2, which is exected to be available soon via a Kickstarter campaign.

16 thoughts on “Modal Electronics CraftSynth 2 Hands-On Demo

  1. What are the differences between this Craft 2 and the Skulpt ?

    I wish we could get a transcript of all these ‘hands-on’ / overview videos.
    I’m on expen$ive mobile data and cannot be watching bloody videos all the time.

    1. Ok, here is (possibly a part of) the list:
      – The Skulpt is 4 voice polyphonic, with 8 oscillators per voice; The Craft 2 is monophonic, with 8 oscillators per voide. Both Skulpt and Craft provide the oscillator spread, which can thicken up the sound or, when going to extremes, results in 8-note chords per voice (so 32 individual different notes on the Skulpt).
      – The oscillators in Skulpt are continuously morphable between the more classic synth waveforms; The oscillators in the Craft are wavetable based. So partially they will sound similar, partially they may sound very different.
      – The modulation Matrix in the Skulpt is essentially different from that in the Craft. The Craft seems to have a bigger mod matrix, although I’m unfamiliar with any details there. I do know that the Craft 2 provides the window modulation, as demonstrated a while ago by Paula Maddox on Synthopia in a Eurorack module.

      1. from the video they are different but the mod matrix on the skulpt can have multiple parameters per lfo whereas the craft 2 is one power lfo though the craft can assign the wavetables and a few other things that the skulpt can’t

  2. I actually appreciate that you can’t make your own wave tables, here’s why.

    Sometimes what makes an instrument cool is that it has a customized way of making a sound you can’t control, and that can inspire creativity, that simple limitation of having to use what is given, also it makes the instrument more memorable. Ensoniq vfx…. super unique sound, casio ht 700, super unique oscillator options… it makes it so distinct, and that is really fun.

    1. @ragnhild: It’s got a usb port. Why would you want a mechanical (or SSD) disk drive on this or any other synth. You’re either in the studio, where you have that, or in a live setup, where you don’t need it?

      1. Don’t worry about it @Ad van Gerven, @ragnhild just throws out negative comments on every product post.. we’re just thankful he’s moved on from the “It has no screen so therefor it’s useless” comments and now spices it up with random things like “it has no disk drive”

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