Reports Of The Teenage Engineering OP-1’s Death Are Greatly Exaggerated

Teenage Engineering today announced that reports of the OP-1‘s death are greatly exaggerated.

Last week, some sources reported – without actually contacting Teenage Engineering – that the company had killed off the OP-1. This has led to some owners listing used OP-1 synths for sale at inflated prices (right).

In today’s statement, TE said:

Last week, a rumour circulated that the OP-1 was dead. No one was more surprised than us.

However, we’ve been working hard on update the hardware platform in order to keep the product alive for many years to come. This is causing a brief stop in production, but we will be up and running at full speed shortly.

The OP-1, released in 2011, was greeted with skepticism by many, with some dismissing it as an high-priced toy.

In the years since, it’s gained a passionate following for its power, portability and build quality. That, combined with limited production, has meant that the OP-1 has maintained a very high-resale value. lists the estimated value for used OP-1 synths to be US $850-1,090, including the recent spike in prices:


31 thoughts on “Reports Of The Teenage Engineering OP-1’s Death Are Greatly Exaggerated

  1. For everyone who labeled this thing as a toy, money talks, others just talk nonsense. Most toys don’t gain value. At least not in the same decade they were released.

      1. The beanie era was about 93-99. And I said “Most” toys so that would include “Some” toys but I see what your doing there. Reading is fundamental.

        1. Lego also often commands high second-hand prices as soon as it is discontinued. But I agree, the UK SE rail network would struggle without Reading.

    1. In economics there’s a concept called ‘Veblen goods’, whose price stays high because supply is artificially constrained rather than because of inherent value – like LV bags. TE is a smart company making a nice synth that is also a status symbol. It’s a reasonable strategy for a small company that wants to stay independent, and they also make cheap stuff for people who can’t afford the OP-1.

  2. I don’t know if anyone has seen it, but they go for as high as $5M in some areas. I heard a story about a kid in Sarasota who accidentally got the same gift from two aunts and is now set for life. It’s funny how fate works.

    Still, it’s cute that people love their little OP-1’s so much that they are willing to cash in, hardcore.

  3. This OP-1 is an incredible synth. Possibly my favorite piece of gear. That being said, I’d feel pretty silly if I just dropped triple what they’ll be selling for this time next year. TE never said they were discontinuing them. Ah, the speculators.

  4. Ok, just looked on eBay and saw those bids, highest being about $1500 in the US. Got dam. I might be temped to sell this piece of shit now and buy a new one later:) They even mentioned updates which I can’t even imagine what else they could put in this since that last update with the new synth engines. I’d rather get an OP-1 Version 02 and see what that looks like. Great Company make a great synth and then move on. Corny company makes an ok synth then MK2. MK2 Analog Four = better analog bass and the user interface and buttons we should have thought through on the first run. Teenage Engineering all day!

  5. i give up. this industry is ridiculous. im gonna find and keep the original sale prices of useful things and if there are opportunistic delusional jackasses out there quadrupling it, they dont get my money. i suggest everyone does the same.

    1. My grandma used to say the same thing. She knew stuff. Just go to the *sold* listings and you can find what people are *paying*.

  6. This rumor seems to have been pushed really hard by one of the less worthwhile youTube synth bloggers, who made a big deal out of the story and insisting they were selling their own unit because there would be no future support.

  7. The real shocker is how some supposedly professional music tech journalists and creators willingly spread these fake news without the slightest attempt to give TE a call and research the facts. Kudos for Synthtopia for waiting an extra day to present the real story instead of spreading rumors.

  8. Without a velocity sensitive keybed this is a nobuy for me. I sold mine, because the tapedeck metaphore isn’t for me and the fixed velocity removes musical expression from it. I love the feel and build quality and easy interface, but it’s not really a good instrument. I hope an OP-2 comes with a better sequencer (no shitty tape mode) and better keybed.

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