IK Multimedia SampleTank 4 Offers 200+ GB Of New Sampled Sounds

IK Multimedia has introduced SampleTank 4, a major update to their multitimbral virtual instrument for Mac & Windows that adds new recordings of concert pianos, keyboards, guitars, bass, drums, strings, brass, synths, vocals, percussion and more.

SampleTank 4 also adds 13 new effects, for a grand total of 70 studio-quality effects.

The new SampleTank sound engine offers new tools for creative sound design. Working with multiple sounds has been made easier with a new dedicated Layer interface that enables setting up layers and split-points for up to 16 simultaneous sounds. Editing is more powerful, too.

Choose from 16 modeled filters, edit envelopes, oscillators, portamento, polyphony and more. Users can edit an entire sound or access individual articulations, zones, or single samples, for the deepest level of control. And a new modulation matrix allows for linking sources like envelopes, LFOs and oscillators to almost any control.


  • Works as a multi-platform plug-in and as a Standalone application
  • Content structured in Instruments, Multis and MIDI Patterns
  • Fully compatible with macOS and Windows
  • Supported plug-in formats: AAX, VST 3, and Audio Units
  • 16 part multitimbral
  • 16 individual stereo outputs
  • Info view with specific information and 3D icon for each instrument
  • Mix view and full mix parameters control
  • Live mode for instantaneous sounds loading, organized in set lists and songs
  • Expandable instrument library
  • Pad interface lets launch patterns, loops or single notes seamlessly from iRig Keys I/O or any MIDI controller
  • 70 studio quality effects
  • Layers allow for creating splits and layers
  • Edit view for in depth editing of all synth engine parameters, independently for all the elements or articulations that are included in the instrument
  • Custom modulation for synth engine and effects parameters
  • Advanced instrument browsing with convenient search function
  • BPM syncable time-based effects, audio loop instruments and LFOs
  • Four play modes including mono legato with portamento
  • Zone switch allows to edit individual key-zones for the selected sound elelement or articulation
  • Multi Articulation and Key Switch instrument control
  • Easy to use assignable MIDI control to any parameter with MIDI Learn
  • Compatible with all previous “Powered by SampleTank” sound modules and sounds (can import all previous sounds and Combis)
  • Import feature allows users to import .wav and .aiff samples

Pricing and Availability

SampleTank 4 is available now to pre-order, with three different options:

  • SampleTank 4 SE offers 2,000 sounds – MSRP 149.99 USD/EUR – pre-order price 99.99 USD/EUR.
  • SampleTank 4 offers 6,000 sounds – MSRP: 299.99 USD/EUR – pre-order price 199.99 USD/EUR.
  • SampleTank 4 MAX offers 8,000 sounds – MSRP 499.99 USD/EUR – pre-order price 299.99 USD/EUR.

15 thoughts on “IK Multimedia SampleTank 4 Offers 200+ GB Of New Sampled Sounds

  1. Their “SOUNDS” video talked about how great their sounds are. The quality of the sound of the talking was really good.

    The IK does a very THOROUGH job of talking about the things you can buy from them. Just like every time you open an IK app for example.

    I’ve given them some chances to wow me with their samples, and they NEVER do. I’ll wait until I hear demos before I waste another penny on an IK product.

  2. “new sampled material” = the same lo-rez garbage from 15 years ago just remastered. IK have sucked for more than decade now and will likely continue to do so.

      1. Can’t speak but to my own experiences so here goes… been using iRig keys, iRig keys pro and iRig pads wth no problems at all with my iPhones and iPads and use sampletank on my iPads as well. JMO, but no regrets in buying any of them.

      1. IK – thanks for following up on these reader comments.

        We know it can be challenging, given the number of sites and social media options people use. But it lets readers know that you’re paying attention and trying to address any legitimate questions and concerns people have.

      2. I purchased sample Tank 3 and I have to say that the majority of the sounds which were many were uninspiring, so I very rarely use it for some string and the odd piano sound for me it was a bad investment. When considering Omnisphere 2.5 , it cost a little more but what you get is real production ready sounds, that are out of this world and you won’t have any time for tweaking.because of the so many quality sounds.

        I have heard the demos for ST4 and the sounds are far from impressive, nothing jump out on me, no wow factor and I sleep like a baby.

        I think that ST has the potential to be very inspiring but from the on site demos I heard, IK needs some serious work on their content quality to get them to luscious fat sounds that don’t require tweaking so the producer can concentrate on creating the song and not the sound.

        1. I see that you have a preference for a particular product and that’s fine but SampleTank 4 will be at least on par with the one yuh mention and the pianos are absolute competitive with another of that company’s products. We stand by how good these sounds are and if you change your mind after the preorder price is no longer valid I’m sure the sounds are so good you won’t even feel missing out on the incredible deal :). That’s how confident we are and I look forward to the release to see and hear some reactions at that time. See you then!

    1. Except we’re not like that at all. We offer top-quality products that musicians, engineers, and producers love to use and have been doing so for over 20 years. Sorry to hear you have such a negative impression, please contact us directly if you’d like to discuss things and I’m sure we can help change that perception you have. Thank you!

  3. I have had Sampletank since 2008 and love the way it loads up quickly using little cpu power. I find that there is a great selection of bread and butter sounds and although there are other VST’s out there (which I also own) with richer sounds I don’t find they mix well within other mixes like sampletank does. My biggest gripe about ST and I have sent emails before is that it claims to be a workstation but does not support a proper sequencer even an 8 track one would be helpful. I would love to do complete songs by chaining patterns all in the sampletank domain without relying on another DAW. Come on guys, even our IOS app has one you would think the least you could do is add it to your top of the line VST. If you cannot do that, offer it as an add on app. Over all though I love ST and have pre-ordered ST4. I also own sonic synth and believe this one cannot be beaten. Cheers.

  4. I gave iK Multimedia many chances over many years. Though their original Amplitube was somewhat of a breakthrough at the time, every product I’ve tired since then has been a disappointment. They always seem to be behind the curve.
    As my mastering business grew, I kept trying to use TRacks, but always found a better alternative. Even the suggested loudness ranges on an earlier version (3 or 4) were ridiculously loud.
    Amplitube itself has become bloated with a huge range of amps, pedals microphones, etc. but it simply can’t compete with certain other products currently available from several companies (Brainworx, Softube, etc.). They can add all the amps, cabs & pedals they can think of, but that digital hash is still there, as if there is no high end roll-off like real cabs have; or maybe their modeling is just not outdated.
    Sampletank is the most disappointing to me; I originally had Sampletank 2, along with Philharmonik, Sample Moog, Sample Synth & Sample Tron. I bit the bullet and update to version 3 when it came out, only to find that:
    1) Neither the sounds nor the workflow were an improvement
    2) The integration with their other sample based instruments was more convoluted, taking extensive time to import in an organized fashion
    3) the choice of Multis was severely limited compared to version 2.
    There also seemed to be more limits on using the earlier Philharmonik patches in Sampletank 3, like they were pushing you to upgrade to the new (and hugely unsatisfying) Philharmonik II.
    And even if you select a different pitch stretching algorithm, the only way to have it reload automatically on the next instantiation is to save the patch; a bad proposition with this already bloated mess of a sample player.
    To top things off, the prices have gone up and up; might as well get the East West stuff or 8DIO or Spitfire or..
    While companies like brainworx, Universal Audio , Softube, etc. are pushing the envelope, it seems like IK is standing still. I even did a hardcore A/B between Tracks v3 & v5, only to find almost no sonic improvement. The new graphics are snazzier though..

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