Samplight 2X+ (Fairlight CMI IIX Emulation) Sneak Preview

Developer Aly James shared this sneak preview of Samplight 2X+ VST, which models and builds upon the Fairlight CMI IIX.

“All the quirks of the original are there,” says James. “There were some refinement on the usability, but do not expect a super fast modern workflow, I tried to kept it as close as can be for a reason!”

The virtual instrument is currently in development. Here’s what James has to say about the current state of Samplight:

What is currently done:

PAGE 2 – DISK CONTROL(done: load and save real original .VC files and attached .CO files, version 4.3 and 4.4 including MODE 1 params aka FFT, loading .IN aka Instruments files is in the works..)



PAGE 5 WAVEFORM GENERATION(done but needs some additional GUI work)

PAGE 6 WAVEFORM DRAWING(done but needs some more work)


PAGE 8 SOUND SAMPLING(done, include importing .WAV Files for resampling through the emulated circuitry)

PAGE D WAVEFORM DISPLAY(done, include some other views like POLAR view in addition to the iconics Fairlight ISO an LINEAR views)

PAGE F USER DEFINED FUNCTIONS(done but needs some GUI work)

Lot of things are added within the limitation of what the Fairlight could have done with some extra memory:

– FM Synthesis capabilities, including using waveform memory as a modulator.

– Spectrum Convolution (convolve between 2 spectrum)

– Spectrum Resynthesis manipulation(Harmonic Frequency bins offsets per Harmonic etc..)

– Two ways TimeStrech ( the CMI IIX allowed to increase the duration of the waveform memory only, now you can also reduce it)

8 thoughts on “Samplight 2X+ (Fairlight CMI IIX Emulation) Sneak Preview

  1. Keep going man! … this is fantastic… I’ve been dreaming about getting a Fairlight since the day I read about it in a science magazine WAY BACK in 1979!!!! I wrote to Fairlight and got a promo brochure and demo cassette tape (which I still have)… a great game during the 80s was ‘spot the Fairlight’ on music videos (and also trying to pick it in songs.
    This demo looks brilliant…. great work 🙂

  2. Wow! Very interesting! Good idea to enhance it! If you ad a sequencer (please do that), be so kind and enhance ( make it more simple) it too. It never be funny to work with. Are all the original sounds included? I like the idea that you show Peter Vogel with his „high prize / cause it’s retro – attitude“ what a fairlight-app can be!
    Ideas: I think it would be cool to sample thru the spectrum processor 🙂 / effects / a switch possibility between cmi2 and cmi3 on the input stage… Great Job so far!!!!

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